Post: Radiation Protection for Patients and Staff

Radiation Protection for Patients and Staff

Need protection from x-ray radiation in your radiology department?

Radiation Protection for Patients and Staff

Radiation safety eyewear and apparel is an important component of the safety regimen in any hospital’s radiology department(s). If you need radiation protection for patients and staff, we have what you’re looking for.From radiation safety glasses to radiation aprons, gloves, and apron racks, Phillips Safety Products carries a full selection of radiation equipment for both your patients and your staff. And, while the majority of our items are used by doctors for daily protection from radiation, they are more than ample for use in settings where patients or staff need protection from x-rays.Here is a list of what Phillips Safety Products offers for radiation protection for patients and staff:

  • Radiation safety glasses. Prescription and non-prescription radiation safety eyewear is available to attenuate harmful x-ray radiation.
  • Leaded aprons. Aprons are an excellent choice for body protection for patients and staff exposed to radiation.
  • Leaded gloves and apparel. Need gloves or a thyroid collar? We supply them.
  • Mobile lead barriers. Our mobile lead barriers are designed and constructed from the ground up using only the best lead sheets and leaded glass for a full 2.0mm Pb equivalency of protection throughout the barrier.
  • Radiation safety windows. Our windows come in glass and acrylic and can be sized in standard or custom sizes and shapes.
  • Lead apron and glove racks. Our racks are powder-coated, easily sterilized, constructed in-house (in the United States), and designed with a hospital in mind.

Radiation safety is a priority in areas where radiation in a hazard, such as in fluoroscopy and x-ray labs. If you need radiation protection for patients and staff, we have it.If you have a need for a special radiation safety item, or if you have any questions about radiation safety and what’s appropriate for your facility, please don’t hesitate to call us or leave a comment below. It is essential that you know what you need so that you and your staff and patients can remain safe in your facility. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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