Post: Radiation Eye Protection: Which Types Best Fit Your Employees?

Radiation Eye Protection: Which Types Best Fit Your Employees?

Operating a radiology clinic requires paying attention to your employees as much as your patients and the technology you acquire. While the safety of patients is mandatory, your radiology team could become harmed if they don’t have proper protection while conducting x-rays or other radiology tests. Even so, perhaps you think they have full protection through aprons, gloves, and separate accessories to protect from radiation exposure.In truth, if you’ve neglected to protect their eyes, your workers are in danger of developing serious eyesight issues. Early diagnosis cataracts are common in those who don’t protect their eyes when exposed to radiation. Other visual problems can develop as well, hence ending a radiologist’s career after depending on their eyesight for accuracy.The way to amend this is through lead glasses as protective eyewear. Many years ago, before lead glasses became mainstream, those who worked in radiology clinics became blind due to radiation damage.It took decades to get lead glasses out to the public, though we became a leader here at Phillips Safety Products.With so many varieties of protective eyewear, what types best fit your employees?Our collection of radiation eye protection comes in a variety of styles assuring comfort while giving strong aesthetic appeal when interacting with patients. Here’s some to consider.Wraparound EyewearNo doubt all of your employees already use wraparound sunglasses, or even with prescription glasses. It took years before the radiology industry realized wraparound eyewear would offer better protection for eyesight while also providing a fashion statement.One thing radiologist facilities don’t always consider is radiologists want attractive protective eyewear. In the past, far too much eyewear looked unattractive and didn’t feel comfortable.Considering radiologists work around patients for long hours, they want protective glasses that look appealing so they can properly communicate without distraction. They also want safety eyewear with a comfortable fit so they can forget they’re wearing them.Through us, you can find wraparound radiation eyewear with numerous frame styles. You can get thin metal wraparounds like the Model 116. Or, for something more stylish, try the Model 506, which has a unique frame pattern and specifically designed for women.For masculine tastes, dark, brown, or charcoal wraparound frames may interest your male employees. The Model 703 gives you these combinations for a classy look.Fit-Over GlassesWhat happens when your radiologists have prescription eyewear and need to fit safety glasses over them? Do you have cumbersome glasses that barely fit over the radiologist’s prescription pair?When fit-overs don’t fit properly, it only adds stress to your employees having to endure them for eight hours (or beyond). They’ll be forced to remove them off and on during the day because of how uncomfortable they are.Phillips takes this seriously, and fit-over radiation glasses are available. Currently, we carry one pair that comes in different frame colors to suit each employee’s style. The RG-33 gives you all this, plus durable nylon materials and distortion-free lenses.Protective Eyewear from NikeWe’ve teamed up with one of the greatest sports brands in the world to make some stylishly unique eyewear to protect from radiation. You’ll find a lot to like here thanks to Nike’s specialized designs and comprehensiveness in the type of glasses offered.They cover all categories from plastic eyewear to standalone styles you’ll appreciate. In wraparounds, try the Nike Mojo pair that’s lightweight, comes with cam action hinges, and a rubber grip nose pad. This also comes with the Nike logo prominently displayed on the frames.Nike even produced a retro style eyewear to add another dimension to wearing something different. Try the Model 7087 for a traditional pair with a rectangular shape and single bridge. All of these look like real glasses so you can blur lines on what people think of in protective eyewear.For women in your radiology clinic, they get considerable variety from Nike. Many different frame styles are available here so you can help women in your team reflect their true personalities. No longer do they have to wear something obstructing enjoyment of their jobs.Two-toned glasses are available from Nike as well, allowing employees to wear protective eyewear with two different colors for a bolder fashion expression.Wearing GogglesYou’ve perhaps shunned goggles and face shields from your radiology practice because of how uncomfortable many of them are. Some of your employees perhaps refused to wear them for this reason and because other brands simply look ugly.It’s not easy to make protective goggles look good, but we’ve managed to make some stylized pairs your employees will never mind wearing. Model 55 is a fit-over type with a silicone body for complete flexibility. Thanks to an adjustable elastic strap, you can fit this easily over any prescription glasses.Don’t forget about considering a protective face mask that protects the entire face area while never interfering with other eyewear. Thanks to appealing design, your employees will never shun these while being absolutely essential. Prescription Protective EyewearRather than rely strictly on fit-over glasses, why not create a prescriptive pair of radiation eye protection? We can do this for you by providing more quality styles, including economy frames when working on a budget.You’ll find wraparounds, metal frames, plastic frames, and goggles with prescription lenses. Based on the eyesight of your employees, you can create single vision glasses, lined bifocals, or progressive bifocals.Contact us at Phillips Safety Products to see our extensive inventory of protective eyewear for radiation in all radiology careers.

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