Post: Properly Care For Your Radiation Safety Glasses And Protect Your Eyes

Properly Care For Your Radiation Safety Glasses And Protect Your Eyes

The significance of maintaining optimal eye health cannot be overstated. Given the importance of protecting our eyes from radiation, wearing appropriate protective eyewear is essential. Especially when working in proximity to radiation, it is fundamental to consistently wear radiation safety glasses to ensure the continued well-being of our eyes.

Adhering to the appropriate radiation safety protocol involves a fundamental aspect – wearing the suitable eye protection. By diligently maintaining and caring for your radiation safety glasses, you ensure continuous protection for your eyes. These glasses are available at Phillips Safety in diverse shapes and sizes, catering to the unique requirements of each individual. When you follow the proper maintenance steps, you can extend the longevity of your radiation safety glasses, allowing them to serve you effectively for many years to come.


Many radiation safety glasses typically possess a heavier build compared to conventional eyewear due to the presence of lead glass, which adds to their mass. When taking off these glasses, it is advised to utilize both hands. Employing both hands allows for proper alignment of the hinges and shields during removal. Avoid attempting to remove the glasses from your face or case using just one hand, as this may lead to misalignment and potential damage to the eyewear. Opting for a two-handed approach ensures the careful and precise handling of your radiation safety glasses.


While it may be a common habit for many of us to place our glasses on top of our heads, it is crucial to resist doing so when wearing radiation safety glasses. As previously mentioned, these safety glasses are notably heavier than conventional eyeglasses. Placing radiation safety glasses on your head increases the risk of accidental falls to the floor due to their added weight. Considering the significant mass of the lead glasses lenses, such an incident could potentially result in damaging your radiation safety glasses. It is advisable, thus, to refrain from using your head as a resting spot for these glasses to ensure their proper protection and longevity.


Properly storing our glasses, whether traditional or safety glasses, is an important practice that can sometimes be overlooked. However, it is crucial to ensure adequate storage when not in use. By storing your radiation safety glasses correctly, you actively contribute to shielding them from potential damage caused by dirt, scratches, smudges, and other particles. Preventing such issues is essential as scratches or chips can compromise the effectiveness of your radiation safety glasses when you need them most.


Proper care of our eyeglass lenses is essential regardless of the type of glasses we wear. Dirty lenses can significantly impair our vision, making it crucial to maintain their cleanliness. Especially when performing critical procedures or operations, having dirty lenses can pose significant challenges and difficulties. To clean your lenses effectively, it is recommended to use a microfiber cleaning cloth specifically designed for your style of radiation safety glasses. This ensures the lenses are cleaned with precision and care, allowing you to maintain optimal visual clarity and ensure the smooth execution of tasks and responsibilities.

When cleaning your glasses, ensure you have a secure grip on them with one hand. Next, gently rinse the lenses under warm water to remove any dirt or particles that may have accumulated. Once the initial cleaning with water is complete, use your other hand to meticulously clean the lenses with a microfiber cleaning cloth until you are satisfied that your radiation safety glasses are thoroughly cleaned. It is important to resist the temptation of using your shirt or a paper towel for cleaning, as these materials can potentially damage the lenses instead of effectively cleaning them.


Utilizing a lens cleaner spray is an efficient method for effectively cleaning your lenses, but it is essential to ascertain the compatibility of the cleaner with your radiation safety glasses. Specifically, if your radiation safety glasses feature coated lenses, it is advisable to avoid using a spray cleaner to prevent any potential damage to the lens coatings and ensure the optimal maintenance of your radiation safety glasses.


While we make every effort to safeguard our glasses from damage, there may come a time when minor adjustments are necessary. Hence, it is prudent to invest in a dedicated repair kit for your glasses. Occasionally, you may need to loosen a few screws on your safety glasses to ensure a comfortable fit. Having your own safety glasses repair kit empowers you to perform these minor repairs independently, obviating the need to visit an eyeglasses store for assistance.

In conclusion, ensuring optimal eye health and protection from radiation is paramount. Wearing suitable radiation safety glasses and adhering to proper care and maintenance are essential elements in safeguarding our eyes. Phillips Safety offers a diverse selection of radiation safety glasses tailored to individual needs.

By following tips such as careful removal, avoiding head placement, proper storage, and using appropriate cleaning methods, we can enhance the longevity and effectiveness of our radiation safety glasses. Moreover, having a repair kit on hand allows us to make minor adjustments independently, ensuring continuous eye protection. For any inquiries or guidance on selecting the right radiation safety glasses, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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