Post: Pb Lead Markers New at Phillips

Pb Lead Markers New at Phillips

Looking for custom lead markers for your radiology department?

New Pb Lead Markers at Phillips-Safety

Custom and standard lead markers are available now at Phillips Safety Products. Our line of Pb markers includes capabilities for lettering, numbering, color coding, and more.

Lead, or Pb, markers are used in x-rays to mark left or right during x-ray. For instance, if a hand is being x-rayed, a lead marker is used to mark it as the left hand or the right hand with a simple “L” or “R”.

Our Pb lead markers have all the features your hospital or center could need:

  • Color coded markers: red for right, blue for left.
  • Lettering or numbering of up to three initials or numbers.
  • Lead lettering sealed within the marker with no lead exposed, ensuring that your workers are never exposed to the lead alloy.
  • Aluminum track holds the lead markers in place, making them resilient, durable, and the kind of product that doesn’t have to be replaced until you lose it.
  • Pb lead markers are designed to suit your needs. Special requests can often be accommodated.

If you need lead markers for your x-rays, our lead markers are durable, affordable, and constructed of the highest quality aluminum tracking, dyed resins, and leaded alloy lettering.

Pb markers are important for many radiology procedures, and we have them ready to ship within a few days of your order. Looking for a new set of Pb lead markers? Contact Phillips Safety today.

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