Post: Leaded Eyewear for Use in Fluoroscopy

Leaded Eyewear for Use in Fluoroscopy

Need eye protection from harmful x-ray radiation?

Fluoroscopy Leaded Eyewear

Fluoroscopy requires a medical professional to operate up-close and personally with a fluoroscope, a machine which emits x-ray radiation in real time during the procedure. Because of this, all parts of the physician and patient are subject to direct x-ray radiation if not protected. In addition to leaded apparel such as aprons and gloves, leaded eyewear is essential for proper safety in fluoroscopy.Leaded eyewear for use in fluoroscopy is in the “Radiation Protection” section on our site, and all of the eyewear there is fitted with 0.75mm Pb equivalent lenses suitable for use in fluoroscopy. This means that the glass lenses attenuate x-ray radiation at least as well as 0.75mm thick lead sheeting. For fluoroscopy, this is more than enough to protect a pair of eyes for an entire career of procedures.If you’re looking for leaded eyewear for use in fluoroscopy, here’s what you should know:

  • Our leaded eyewear comes with 0.75mm Pb equivalent glass lenses.
  • We offer leaded eyewear for use in fluroscopy in prescription and non-prescription styles.
  • Our range of frame styles and sizes will ensure that you can find a pair of leaded glasses that fit and work for you.
  • Our leaded lenses are made of optical quality German glass for superior quality of vision.
  • Many of our styles are CE certified for use in radiology and fluoroscopy in Europe.

If you work in fluoroscopy and aren’t protecting your eyes, it’s a good idea to consider getting a set of leaded eyewear for use in fluoroscopy.

Fluoroscopy is a procedure that inherently causes direct exposure to x-ray radiation. Because x-ray exposure can accumulate over time, this can lead to health problems including cataracts where eyes are concerned. The solution to this is to always wear leaded eyewear while performing fluoroscopy procedures and any other procedures that expose your eyes to x-rays. Obviously, the rest of your body should be protected as well, and eyewear will only protect your eyes, but considering the importance of our eyes to daily function and quality of life, any risk to them is wisely avoided.If you have any questions about leaded eyewear for use in fluoroscopy, what’s right for you, or whether your eyes are in danger, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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