Post: Lead Glasses for Women

Lead Glasses for Women

Looking for radiation safety glasses that are made for women?

Women’s Leaded Radiation Glasses

Leaded glasses, or radiation safety glasses, are used much more frequently today than ever before because of the increased awareness of cataracts risk for those working in fluoroscopy or those exposed to x-ray radiation on a regular basis. Since they are so much more popular, the range of glasses types and styles has expanded to include wraparounds, prescription lead glasses, and lead glasses for women.

Our new line of lead glasses for women is great if you’re a woman looking to improve your looks at work or if you have a hard time finding radiation safety glasses that are comfortable and well-fitted for you.

Our leaded glasses for women have several great features:

  • They feature 0.75mm lead equivalency glass lenses for superior protection from x-ray radiation emitted during fluoroscopy and other x-ray procedures.
  • They use German optical-quality glass lenses for enhanced visibility. Our glass has none of the optical distortion or imperfections that are common in Chinese glass and other types of glass.
  • Radiation safety glasses for women come in several frames styles that are geared towards women’s faces. This includes Jackie-O style “big lenses” frames and frames that are made for smaller face shapes.
  • Our women’s leaded glasses also come in prescription, so you can get a pair of safety glasses you can be happy wearing even if you wear prescription glasses.

In the market for leaded glasses for women? Phillips Safety Lead Glasses for Women are designed to cater to the style and size of most women’s frames.

If you have any questions about women’s glasses, radiation safety glasses, or prescription leaded glasses for women, call our customer service department or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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