Post: Everything You Should Know About Protecting Yourself From Radiation

Everything You Should Know About Protecting Yourself From Radiation

If you have read any of our previous blog posts or even just took a few seconds to browse through our website, you know how important it is to us to offer eye protection from radiation to anyone who is exposed to it. With that said, your eyes aren’t the only things that need to be protected when you are working around radiation. If you have recently started a new job where you know you will be exposed to radiation, take a few minutes to read through this helpful blog post and learn everything you need to know about how to properly protect yourself from radiation.

  1. Get Some Protective Eye Wear: Our eyes are incredibly important and powerful organs and understandably we must do all we can to protect them. After all, when we allow our eyes to become damaged, or vision in turn becomes permanently damaged. It goes without saying that this is clearly something anyone would want to avoid at all costs. So if you are working in an environment where radiation is present, you absolutely need a solid pair of safety glasses designed specifically for protecting your eyes from harmful radiation. Investing in a high end pair of radiation safety glasses could run you anywhere from a hundred dollars on the low end up to a couple thousand. If you are an employee required to wear radiation safety glasses for your job, talk to the company you work for about them purchasing your eye wear (if they haven’t already stated they will be doing that). If you are a business who needs to buy eye wear for your employees, look into bulk purchase options to potentially save you some money on the cost. Anyone who requires radiation safety glasses probably requires unique specifications so make sure to check wavelength, optical density, and visibility light transmission as well as other features before buying a pair.

  1. Get a Solid Frame to Go With Your Lenses: The frames of your radiations safety glasses also play an important role in ensuring the total protection of your eyes. Naturally, you want to pick frames that are comfortable and made out of a durable material that will last you for many years. You can also look for frames with unique features such as extra side shields for added protection or rubberized nose pads and temple bars for a better non-slip grip. Having the right lenses and frame will ensure that there is no radiation exposure to your eyes. Take the time to explore the various frame styles so you have a better chance at finding frames that are perfect for your unique needs and preferences. Some common frame styles and materials include plastic, metal, economy, fit over, and wraparound. You can also look into face shields, goggles, and eye wear that comes with a custom prescription.
  2. Consider The Option of Custom Radiation Shielding Glass: Some environments where radiation exposure is present might require some extra safety measures such as custom radiation shielding glass (something you could probably find in any medical examination room). For example, if you are working in a building with radiation, you will want to invest in some radiation shielding glass to install into the windows since regular glass won’t adequately protect people from radiation. The cost of something like this would depend on a variety of factors including how much glass you need, what size, and what color. Having the right kind of shielding glass in your windows can ensure that harmful rays will be absorbed by the glass so that it doesn’t affect anyone in that setting. If you are planning on buying some radiation shielding glass, it is also worth looking into additional gear that goes along with it such as rolled lead, cleansing agents, profiles, and sealing agents.
  3. Radiation Mobile Shields For Those in The Medical Field: If you work in the medical field, particularly an examination room, investing in a radiation mobile shield could prove to be, at the very least quite beneficial, and at the most, absolutely necessary for safety. And because the radiation shield is mobile, it provides an added level of convenience as it can be moved from one area of the room to another. The purpose of a radiation mobile shield is primarily to offer protection to any medical professionals and patients who are in an environment where radiation will be present. If you work in an examination room and have patients in and out all day long for diagnostic procedures, this is a product definitely worth having. Additionally, there are multiple mobile shield styles to choose from. Even though there are different options available for purchase, there are some basic things you should always look for in a radiation mobile shield. Those things include the following: stability, adjustable features, sufficient dimensions, and a strong, sturdy steel base.

Looking for more information on radiation and the proper safety gear to protect you from it? Or are you need in some other form of safety eye wear for other environments whether you are welding, doing glass work, or being exposed to lasers? Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have. You can also keep reading our other blog posts for more free resources or visit our official website today. On our website, you will find an extensive selection of protective gear for labs, medical rooms, and other potentially hazardous settings.

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