Post: Everything You Should Know About Protecting Yourself From Radiation

Everything You Should Know About Protecting Yourself From Radiation

At Phillips Safety, providing comprehensive eye protection from radiation exposure is of paramount importance. However, safeguarding your eyes is not the sole concern when working in radiation-prone environments. If you find yourself in a new job that involves exposure to radiation, we urge you to take a few moments to read this article, where you will learn about effectively safeguarding yourself from radiation and understanding the necessary precautions. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to equip you with the knowledge to protect yourself in such environments.


Our eyes, being vital and remarkable organs, require utmost protection to preserve their well-being. The consequences of eye damage can lead to permanent vision impairment, making it imperative to avoid such situations at all costs. If you work in an environment with radiation, it is crucial to equip yourself with a reliable pair of lead glasses explicitly designed to shield your eyes from harmful radiation.

Acquiring a high-quality pair of radiation safety glasses may entail an investment ranging from a hundred dollars at the lower end to a couple of thousand dollars at the higher end. For individuals mandated to wear radiation safety glasses as part of their job, it is advisable to engage in a conversation with the employer regarding the possibility of the company procuring the required eye protection (if it hasn’t been discussed already). On the other hand, businesses seeking to provide eyewear for their employees can explore bulk purchase alternatives, which have the potential to yield cost savings on the overall expenses.


The frames of your radiation safety glasses are instrumental in ensuring comprehensive eye protection. Consequently, selecting frames that offer comfort and durability for prolonged use becomes crucial. It is advisable to opt for frames constructed from resilient materials to ensure long-lasting performance, like the ones available at Phillips Safety. Additionally, exploring frames with distinctive features, such as extra side shields for enhanced protection or rubberized nose pads and temple bars for a secure, non-slip grip, can provide added benefits and convenience.

By carefully selecting the appropriate lenses and frames, you can effectively safeguard your eyes from radiation exposure. Make sure to explore our diverse range of frame styles, allowing you to discover the perfect match for your specific needs and preferences. Various options are available, such as plastic, metal, economy, fitover, and wraparound frames, each offering distinctive benefits. Additionally, consider exploring alternatives like face shields, goggles, and customized prescription eyewear to cater to your individual requirements.


Certain environments with potential radiation exposure necessitate additional safety precautions, which may include the installation of custom radiation shielding glass, a common feature found in medical examination rooms. For instance, in buildings where radiation is present, it is essential to invest in radiation shielding glass for windows, as regular glass does not provide adequate protection against radiation.

Incorporating the appropriate lead lined glass in your windows plays a crucial role in absorbing harmful rays, safeguarding individuals within the vicinity from their detrimental effects.


For professionals working in the medical field, especially in examination rooms, considering the acquisition of a radiation mobile shield can prove to be highly advantageous, if not essential for safety. The mobility of this shield adds a significant level of convenience, enabling seamless relocation from one area of the room to another as needed.

The primary objective of a mobile lead shield is to ensure comprehensive protection for medical personnel and patients in environments where radiation exposure is prevalent. Its presence plays a crucial role in safeguarding the well-being of all individuals involved during procedures or treatments involving radiation.

For professionals operating in busy examination rooms where diagnostic procedures are frequently conducted on numerous patients, investing in a mobile radiation shield proves to be an invaluable addition. With a variety of mobile shield styles available at Phillips Safety, it is essential to consider specific fundamental aspects when making a purchase. These crucial factors encompass stability, adjustable features, sufficient dimensions, and a robust, sturdy steel base. Prioritizing these features ensures the acquisition of a radiation mobile shield that not only fulfills its intended purpose effectively but also stands the test of time in a demanding medical environment.

If you seek comprehensive information regarding radiation and the appropriate safety gear to shield yourself from its effects, or if you require safety eyewear for various other environments—such as welding, glassworking, or laser exposure—we encourage you to reach out to us with any inquiries or feedback you may have. Additionally, we offer a variety of valuable resources through our blog posts and on our official website.

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