Post: Why Radiation Safety Glasses are Essential During Fluoroscopy

Why Radiation Safety Glasses are Essential During Fluoroscopy

The visual acuity of interventional radiologists is critical to their work, particularly during procedures that involve real-time viewing of x-ray images such as fluoroscopy. However, it has only been in the past decade that the harmful effects of low levels of ionizing radiation on the eyesight of interventional radiologists have been recognized.

Prolonged exposure to the ionizing radiation produced by the fluoroscopes used by these doctors can cause vision problems that may begin as early as in their 30s, if proper protective equipment is not worn. Therefore, it is crucial for interventional radiologists to wear appropriate protective gear to prevent potential x-ray-related vision problems.


By wearing radiation safety glasses during fluoroscopy, interventional radiologists can significantly reduce the risk of developing cataracts caused by x-ray radiation exposure. Although the United States has prescribed thresholds to limit x-ray radiation exposure, the cumulative effect of repeated exposure during fluoroscopy can still pose a significant risk to the eyesight of doctors over the course of their career.

Studies have shown a significant correlation between years of exposure to x-rays during fluoroscopy and the risk of developing cataracts. While cataracts can be removed through surgery, the procedure comes with inherent risks, including possible permanent vision damage, which could result in the end of a doctor’s career.

Therefore, it is essential for interventional radiologists to prioritize their eye health and wear radiation safety glasses during fluoroscopy to prevent the risk of cataracts and protect their vision in the long term.


Leaded or radiation safety glasses provide a level of protection that is equivalent to a 0.75mm Pb (lead) sheet, effectively attenuating x-ray radiation and significantly reducing the amount of ionizing radiation that reaches your eyes. By wearing these glasses, medical professionals working in fluoroscopy can greatly reduce their risk of developing cataracts caused by x-ray radiation exposure. As such, investing in radiation safety glasses is an essential step for healthcare professionals who prioritize their eye health and want to prevent the long-term effects of x-ray radiation exposure on their vision.

Proper safety is irreplaceable, especially when it comes to protecting oneself from the harmful effects of x-ray radiation exposure during fluoroscopy procedures. In fact, many countries have already mandated the use of lead glasses during such procedures, recognizing the potential dangers to healthcare professionals.

Waiting until the damage has occurred before taking action to protect one’s safety is simply not worth the risk, as the long-term consequences can be severe and potentially career-ending. Therefore, prioritizing safety and taking proactive measures such as wearing radiation safety glasses is crucial for healthcare professionals who want to safeguard their health and ensure a long and successful career in their field.

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