Post: Critical Tips for Radiation Safety Glasses

Critical Tips for Radiation Safety Glasses

It’s important to make sure that you protect your eyes from radiation threats. This means finding glasses that can make sure that you don’t end up with damage if you work in an environment where this could be a danger. Here are a few ways that you can make sure that you avoid radiation issues throughout your life of leisure and while on the job.

Leaded Eyeglasses and Ionizing Radiation Overview

It’s definitely the case that you should be particularly careful around any kind of ionizing radiation. Beyond protection for other parts of your body, radiation glasses are important because they may not be covered by other protective devices. Generally, what you’re going to need is leaded glasses. These are the best glasses you can get for improving your protection. In fact, some studies show that leaded glasses can reduce lens dose rate from ionizing radiation by as much as 10 times.This is a non-trivial improvement. That’s exactly why this should be your only choice when you have to worry about ionizing radiation, regardless of the reason why. Obviously, it’s a good idea to check with your employer or any other safety guidelines given the area that you’ll be working in, but in absence of better options for you to use to create the level of safety that you want, then you should go for leaded glasses on your own.

How Leaded Eyeglasses Help

Lead is a heavy element and so it tends to block radiation from passing through it. The studies show that this type of equipment helps prevent you from receiving eye damage for a good reason. It is important to make sure that you have glasses recommended for your particular situation, however.It’s unlikely that other glasses are going to be able to provide you the same kind of protection. You really do need the right glasses for the right job, generally.

Safety with Leaded Glasses

There are a number of things you should avoid doing with leaded glasses that you might do with other types of glasses, including other types of safety glasses, out of habit. For example, you may be used to putting safety glasses on the top of your head when you walk around in-between areas that don’t require safety and the ones that do. This may even be a good idea with those safety glasses, beyond being just a habit. After all, safety glasses could impede your vision and make it harder to do what you need to do, and even impede your safety in other ways when those particular glasses aren’t needed.However, it’s different with leaded glasses. The lenses of leaded glasses are considerably heavier than those of traditional glasses. For this reason, the glasses will often be top-heavy, and if you put them on top of your head and walk around with them, they could easily fall off. If this happens, you could lose them, which could impede your safety when you need them. Plus, you could actually damage them when they fall as well. It’s particularly easy to do this with leaded glasses considering their weight. If the damage from the fall messes with the shape of the frames, they may not fit your head anymore, and you may need a new pair.It’s also worth noting that you should make sure you take off the glasses carefully for the same reason. The glasses are heavier and they are going to be easy to drop for this reason. Two hands should be the way to go every time.

Avoiding Damage with Leaded Radiation Glasses

When you’re cleaning these glasses, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to make sure that they will stay clean and at their highest ability to keep you safe. For example, you can’t really clean them the same way that you’d clean other glasses because lead is softer than other materials. This means that you need to use something like a microfiber cloth to clean them. This often works for other glasses as well, but it’s particularly important when it comes to leaded glass given their nature. Anything with any kind of rough surface should be avoided, such as paper towels for instance.Another important thing to note is that you should be careful when making adjustments because the bridge on radiation leaded glasses is not the best way to do it. Other glasses often recommend that you adjust by pushing on the bridge. If you try to do this with leaded glasses, you could risk putting the nose pads out of alignment. Plus, this can cause damage to the frames as well. Instead, the recommendation is that you move the frames by handling the top and bottom of the frame. Putting the nose pads out of alignment could cause the leaded glasses to work less efficiently than they are supposed to, after all.Other examples of important things to pay attention to for maintenance include getting a kit specifically for repairing the glasses and making sure that they stay in the case designed for them when they aren’t being used. Again, bad maintenance could make them considerably less effective. You really don’t want to risk this when it comes to something like ionizing radiation.For more information about protecting your eyes from radiation and glasses of all protective types, please make sure that you go ahead and contact us today.

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