Post: Cleaning Anti-Radiation Glasses: Keeping Your Vision and Health in Check

Cleaning Anti-Radiation Glasses: Keeping Your Vision and Health in Check

When you get yourself a pair of radiation glasses, you’ve invested in your safety and protection. You may have to wear your anti-radiation glasses daily for your work, which will eventually require some maintenance and care. It doesn’t matter what type of radiation lead glasses you’re getting; whether they are radiation glasses Nike makes or other prominent companies focusing on radiation safety glasses, you still need to ensure they’re clean.


Any type of glasses, radiation safety glasses or regular prescription glasses, will get dirty over time. This can be dirt and debris getting stuck on the frame or around the lenses or smudges directly on them. You want to clean them; otherwise, they may not be as effective in protecting your eyes against radiation. Dirt and debris can get trapped in certain parts, especially around the lenses, which could lead to small gaps forming and not being as intact as they need to be to dissipate the radiation.

Also, smudges on the lenses themselves can reduce the disbursement effectiveness and the glasses’ anti-radiation element.


You may want to grab the closest cleaner and a paper towel and be done with it. However, keep in mind if you do that, it can be very abrasive on the lenses and can accelerate the wear and tear on your overall radiation safety glasses. Therefore, you need to ensure that you take the necessary maintenance precautions when cleaning your lenses.

The first step is to grab your radiation safety glasses in your hand securely and run it under warm water. This will help eliminate the buildup of dirt and debris and loosen it for the next part of the cleaning. Remember that radiation glasses tend to be heavier than most types of safety glasses. Do not use hot water here, as that can damage the lenses.

The next step is to use an appropriate cleaner, such as this spray-on cleaner, and coat both sides of the lenses with the cleaning solution. Then, let it sit on the lenses for a bit and have it absorb the dirt and debris a bit more.

After you’ve used the proper cleaner for your anti-radiation glasses, you’ll need to rinse them with warm water again to remove the cleaner and wipe it with the right type of cloth.

You might think that your shirt or a napkin is good enough to clean and dry your radiation glasses, but you may inadvertently damage them. Instead, you want to use the right type of microfiber cloth and gently clean the lenses with it.

If you’re concerned about having the right cleaning equipment, you can get yourself a complete lens cleaner kit with the right items for your radiation glasses. Don’t try to use household cleaners ever, as they may be too abrasive.


When you’re not wearing them or cleaning your radiation safety glasses, do make sure to not just leave them around but properly store them in the cases they come with. This will help in preventing dirt and debris from building up and help protect those radiation glasses from damage.

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