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Here at Phillip’s Safety, we dedicate ourselves to offering our loyal customers the most quality products for every specific segment. Therefore, we are proud to direct our customers to our European and American sister brands. We trust them to supply for all of their prescription safety glasses needs.

For our American customer base, we are happy to direct them to RX Safety for all of their prescription safety glasses needs. RX Safety is one of the biggest brands in the online optical safety segment. They have a well known and well trusted reputation and employ a seasoned team of specialists to assist customers in the purchasing and customizing of their prescription safety glasses.

To cater to our European customers, we direct them to shop for their safety glasses at Safety Protection Glasses. They are one of the UK’s largest safety protection glasses manufacturers partnered with Phillips Safety Products. They specialize in a variety of safety glasses categories and have a well-known reputation for providing quality products.

We trust both of these brands to supply our customers with quality safety glasses and products at reasonable prices. Shop RX Safety and Safety Protection Glasses today!


We are proud to direct our American customers to our sister company, RX-Safety for all of their Prescription Safety Glasses needs. RX-Safety has a dedicated team committed to specially curating a vast collection of prescription safety glasses, prescription sunglasses, bifocal safety glasses, and more. Similarly to Phillips Safety, RX Safety is an American family-owned and run optical lab and online store. RX-Safety provides high-quality prescription safety glasses that are not only durable, but also affordable. They also provide safety eyewear to front line and first responders including prescription tactical glasses, performance eyewear, and more. All RX-Safety safety glasses adhere to industry standards such as ANSI and MIL-PRF-32432 ballistics ratings and certifications. RX Safety is the online leader in the prescription safety glasses segment with decades of experience and expertise.

Get in touch with the RX-Safety team today at +1 833 250 7630 or


Safety Protection Glasses covers the European markets and carries a wide variety of protective eyewear including; Laser Safety Glasses, Radiation Safety Glasses, X-ray glasses, Glassworking eyewear, Welding safety glasses, General safety, and Prescription Safety Glasses. Safety Protection Glasses are one of the UK’s largest safety protection glasses manufacturers partnered with Phillips Safety Products. Using quality CNC edging facilities, we can offer the highest quality prescriptions in a variety of frames. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best lenses and range of frames for your sector, with a focus on safety, dependability, and customer service.

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