Post: How to Choose the Correct Fitover Lead Glasses

How to Choose the Correct Fitover Lead Glasses

Whether you’re looking to get yourself fit over lead glasses or other types of radiation glasses, you need to ensure that you’re receiving the fitover radiation glasses with the right kind of specifications, from protection to the fit to other features and benefits. 


You don’t just want to have any pair of fitover safety glasses; you want to make sure that they hit certain standards, offering you the right type of protection when they are in use. For example, there are certain lead equivalency minimums to consider and the right kind of lens options that will allow us to hit those equivalency minimums. Typically, you’re looking for a 0.5mm Pb lead equivalency at the minimum when it comes to the overall level of protection your Fitover radiation glasses should provide. 

Added to that, you may want to ensure that there are additional safety standards with these Fitover lead glasses that go beyond just protection against scatter radiation. We’re talking about optical quality and clarity via the lenses that are CE certified, as well as having the lenses and frames hit some type of ANSI Z87 industry rating against high-impact and high-velocity projectiles.


Another area that needs attention is the comfort level of the fitover radiation glasses. You want to make sure that they properly fit over your existing glasses if you’re wearing glasses. You don’t want those glasses squeezing your face or pinching the sides. If you’re not wearing glasses, you still want to ensure a proper secure fit where you’re not always having to adjust your face. If you do so, you’re more inclined to take them off frequently or not wear them at all, eliminating the protective elements. 

That’s why special care and attention need to be taken when it comes time to buy fitover glasses. Always check the measurements against your existing frames, if you have any, or your overall head size. You don’t want to have any impairment either through discomfort or vision when it comes to getting the right fit. 

Ways to ensure they are comfortable is having them made from the right materials that can help keep the weight down, such as polycarbonate materials that still keep everything durable. 

This lightweight balance will also help to keep these frames on longer and thus again ensure there’s always adequate protection when it comes to looking for shielding against radiation so you have the peace of mind you need.


Always make sure to consider working with a reputable dealer that’s got various options. This will ensure that you’ve got all the possibilities in front of you and can make an educated purchase that will help you get an excellent-fitting pair of comfortable Fitover radiation glasses. 

It’s also a good idea to ask as many questions as possible up front, especially with the sizing and how to measure everything, as this will assist you in ensuring there are no problems with your Fitover lead glasses.

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