Post: Laser Alignment Glasses: An Investment in Your Eye Health and Work Quality

Laser Alignment Glasses: An Investment in Your Eye Health and Work Quality

Alignment glasses for lasers are typically not worn during regular laser operation. Rather, they are utilized during the laser’s setup, maintenance, or adjustment phases. Even though the beam’s intensity is reduced, it can still pose a threat to the operator, and thus the individual performing the laser setup wears alignment glasses to partially block the beam while still enabling them to see it and align it accurately.

Typically, laser alignment glasses are not employed with medical lasers. They are more commonly utilized in industrial or research laser settings, and only during the setup or maintenance phases. It is not recommended to use them during regular laser operation as they provide low optical density (OD) protection and are thus unsafe for ordinary use.


One important characteristic of laser alignment glasses is that they provide only partial protection against the laser beam, as they filter the beam at a low optical density when compared to standard laser safety glasses. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them during typical laser operation.

It is crucial to understand that wearing laser alignment glasses during standard laser operation can pose a danger to your eyes. As aforementioned, laser alignment glasses are infrequently utilized in medical settings and more commonly used in research facilities and industrial laser applications. However, some medical facilities do employ these glasses to set up or maintain their lasers.

When setting up or maintaining a laser, a technician will typically reduce the laser’s power and wear laser alignment glasses to accurately orient, focus, and align the laser for regular usage.


Laser alignment glasses are not a mandatory requirement for all facilities, nor is it customary for every laser operator to have a pair. Usually, only laser technicians are required to wear alignment glasses to accurately set up the laser.

If you are uncertain whether you need laser alignment glasses, it’s advisable to consult with your Laser Safety Officer or the manufacturer of your laser. Phillips Safety can also help in determining if your laser typically requires alignment, so contact us if you need any assistance.

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