Post: The Correct Laser Safety Glasses for Pilots

The Correct Laser Safety Glasses for Pilots

Pilots have plenty to worry about when they’re handling their plans; the last time they need to be concerned about is exposure to laser pointers. Remember when people tell you not to point laser pointers into the sky and turn on the laser? They actually can go all the way and cause a temporary flash to pilots or, even worse, can cause blindness and afterimages, hindering a pilot’s vision. 

That’s why it’s in the best interest of every pilot to carry a pair of laser safety glasses for pilots. Phillips Safety understands the requirements pilots are looking for, so they have models that are perfect to wear under headsets or helmets and provide that extra layer of protection when needed. 

There are even now mandates about wearing laser glasses for pilots just because of the issue with laser pointers and pilots. This is for those that fly under 10,000 feet and are really focused on takeoffs and landings. There are plenty of options with different features, from the visible light transmission to their style, as well as to their different optical densities.


Coming in either black or silver, the 533 comes with ANSI Z87 and ANSI Z136.1 safety ratings. They’re also known as laser strike glasses and are extremely comfortable with their spring hinges and nose pads that come rubberized. These come with an orange and peach lens filter perfect against green light and also with a visible light transmission (VLT) of 33%. Its optical density is OD2+ at 532nm and OD 5+ at 190-400nm.


If you want a more varied level of protection, then consider the 116. It comes in a sleek rectangular and wraparound design and is constructed from metal. 

These glasses also come with nose pads you can adjust, temples that have been rubberized, and spring hinges, making them quite comfortable to wear. You’re able to get these ANSI Z87 and ANSI Z136.1 laser glasses for pilots in either black or silver. It also comes in a darker shade and has a VLT of 43% plus a larger range of optical density, such as OD 2.5+ at 532nm, OD 2+ at 445 to 450nm, and OD 5+ at 190 to 400nm.


Sometimes you’re just looking for the most secure fit so that they stay on and provide protection from someone who points a laser pointer at airplane skies. The JY7 can do that for you. It comes in at the lowest VLT of 23.3% and the most diverse optical density with an OD 1.2+ between 633 and 640nm, OD 1.5+ at 532nm as well as 440 to 470nm, and OD 5+ at 190 to 400nm.

They also come with a foam gasket that’s detachable to be easily cleaned and constructed from ultra-durable and light plastic, helping the JY7 get ANSI Z.136.1 and ANSI Z87 ratings. Your style options are camouflage or black.

If you still aren’t sure which laser pointer safety glasses are right for you, it’s a good idea to give us a call at 1-866-575-1307 or talk to us through our chat or e-mail us at

Our laser experts will be able to tell you what you need for your application.


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