Post: Laser Strike Eyewear: Laser Safety for Pilots

Laser Strike Eyewear: Laser Safety for Pilots

Laser safety has become increasingly important in a number of industries, but lately, its importance and necessity aboard military and civilian aircraft is receiving a lot of attention. In 2014 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) claimed that laser strikes on aircraft occurred an average of eleven times per day, a number which has increased dramatically in the last two years. Laser strikes on aircraft have been on an alarming upward trend, with over 7,000 strikes reported in 2015 alone. 2016’s data has not yet been released, but the FAA expects these numbers to continue growing despite the fact that it is now a federal crime to point lasers at aircraft. Pointing lasers at aircraft can be punishable by 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. However, there is unbridled ignorance regarding the dangers of pointing lasers at planes and helicopters and it can be difficult to track down offenders.This growing problem cannot be taken lightly, as pilots – commercial, military, and civilian alike – are in danger of being distracted and temporarily blinded by high-powered, long-range lasers. Though the dangers are most acute during take-off and landing, laser sightings have been reported at elevations of over 10,000 feet. With the ever-growing threat of laser interference, it is time for pilots to protect themselves and utilize laser defense technology. Laser Strike Eyewear by Phillips Safety Products, Inc. has been designed and produced with the specific goal of blocking and reducing laser beam wavelengths. Though this eyewear was initially developed for the US military, it is now available for civilian pilots as well, offering protection and visual clarity for safety on the job.

About Laser Strike Eyewear

Phillips Safety Laser Strike Eyewear employs a functional design that can be worn over prescription glasses, under headsets, and under helmets. Laser Strike Eyewear is guaranteed to be lightweight and durable with a reliable one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. A wide variety of frame options are available for style preference, but the real technology is in the specially developed polycarbonate lenses that redirect and absorb dangerous laser light.

Polycarbonate Lenses

The unique polycarbonate lenses in Laser Strike Eyewear offer complete protection from all three laser color spectrums. The spectrums of laser color are determined by wavelength so the lenses are designed to filter and block specific wavelengths without distorting or obstructing your eyesight or your ability to see and work with important instrumentation. Our lenses are designed for maximum visibility and protection. Some lenses are admittedly darker than others and may make it more difficult for you to see, but this discrepancy is simply based on which polycarbonate lens you choose.There are three Laser Strike Eyewear lens options available:LS-PSPG Lens – Offers protection from, and reduction of, green laser beams.LS-PSPBG Lens – Offers protection from, and reduction of, green and blue laser beams.LS-PSPBGR Lens – Offers protection from, and reduction of, green, blue, and red laser beams.Each lens is designed to offer specific beam reduction so they all offer slightly different levels of visual light transmittance (VLT). VLT is the measure of how much visible light actually goes through the lens in question. Our green beam reduction lenses offer the most visibility with a VLT of 46.9%. The darkest glasses – which protect against green, blue, and red – offer a VLT of 23.3%. Though these are significantly darker than the more basic lenses they do not impede vision.

Efficiency and Comfort

Our lenses are thoroughly tested and held to the highest standards. We aim to provide a product that excels at protecting you from dangerous lasers and provides a comfortable experience. Laser Strike Eyewear is lightweight, strong, and available in a multitude of styles from wraparound frames to heavy-duty goggles that easily fit over your regular prescription. Every frame, style, and lens has a product description that includes laser specifications, wavelength protection, VLT, and optical density. Phillips Safety Products, Inc. also has a wonderful support staff that is ready to help you decide on the best product for your needs.

The Last Word

Laser protection is no inconsequential matter. As laser strikes on aircraft become a common occurrence it is important to combat the possibilities of unseen and unpredictable danger. Many countries and airlines already utilize laser defense glasses as part of standard operating procedure. Even if you are not required to wear them, they are an excellent safety precaution for any pilot.The FAA and FBI are constantly in pursuit of people who recklessly endanger pilots by pointing lasers at planes, but unfortunately, with as many laser reports as there have been, it is difficult to make a significant dent in ending this problem. The reality is that lasers have become increasingly cheap and easy to obtain, making it more difficult for these law enforcement agencies to put a stop to laser negligence and irresponsible misuse. The use of laser defense eyewear, however, provides protection that can potentially render laser strikes completely harmless to pilots. Some countries have outlawed lasers, but this is not the case in most of the world so it is important to be proactive against a growing danger.If you are interested in learning more about Laser Strike Eyewear, Phillips Safety Products, Inc., or any of our laser safety products, please contact us. Phillips Safety Products, Inc. has been in the business of protecting eyes for over 110 years and takes pride in our top-of-the-line technology. We look forward to fulfilling all of your laser safety needs.

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