Post: Laser Safety Glasses that Fit over Eyeglasses

Laser Safety Glasses that Fit over Eyeglasses

These days, lasers are in common use in many different types of workplaces. The laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), once the purview of only laboratories and high-end manufacturing plants, has now filtered down into everyday use in a variety of trades: medical, dental, educational, manufacturing, research and development, military and law enforcement, and entertainment displays, just to name a few.

Behind every laser that is in use today is at least one operator and, more typically, a whole team of people who either operate the laser-based equipment or are in the vicinity of an in-use laser. And each and every one of these people are required to protect their eyes via the use of wavelength-specific laser safety glasses.

If you’re one of these people and you happen to wear eyeglasses for vision correction, you’ve likely encountered a problem: standard-fit laser safety glasses, be they wraparound, aviator, or any number of other styles, are designed to be worn directly over the eyes and not in conjunction with any other eyewear. In order to ensure clear vision and proper laser eye protection, those who wear glasses need to employ a fitover-style frame that will fully cover their regular glasses and completely filter out harmful laser light.

Phillips Safety Products offers the following laser safety glasses in fitover frames, all available in multiple wavelength ranges:

Model Eurolite

  • Fits comfortably over most types of prescription glasses
  • Offers an exceptional field of view and is extremely lightweight
  • Includes rubberized grip
  • Available in 30 different wavelength filter selections

Model 55

  • Comfortable, padded goggle
  • fitover capable with included adjustable strap
  • Available in 25 different wavelength filter selections

Model 332

  • A premium protective eyewear frame centered on performance and protection
  • fitover frame that is ANSI Z87+ approved
  • Available in Co2/Eximer or IPL Brown Contrast Enhancement versions

Model OTG

  • Comfortable, unifit nylon frame
  • fitover design features adjustable temple bars
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Available in Co2/Eximer, D81 Diode 810nm, DYE SFP Filter, and YAG versions

Any of the above models will comfortably fit over eyewear frames of most shapes and styles without pressure, slippage, or risk of exposure. When you’re near a laser in use you need both eye protection and clear vision…with a pair of affordable fitovers, you can now enjoy both.

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