Post: Laser Safety Glasses for Police and First Responders

Laser Safety Glasses for Police and First Responders

With the recent events in protests across the country, a new challenge for our first responders has emerged. Certain individuals have been using handheld laser pens to attack police and other emergency personnel. Although these devices are small and inexpensive, they have developed into significantly powerful devices that can easily cause damage to the unprotected eye. A 5 Watt green laser can be purchased online for as little as $100, and there are many other 1 Watt devices for half of that price. A laser with 1/100th of that power can even cause significant eye damage! This threat to our law enforcement personnel is very serious, which is why protecting your eyes is necessary. If proper protection is not equipped during a laser attack, blindness could be a very real outcome.

Why Glasses specifically for police?

There are red, green, and blue lasers available for purchase by consumers. Green is the most prevalent, however, there have been reports of all three being used. Phillips Safety has been making laser strike glasses for aircraft pilots for years now. Our RGB, or red green blue models, is the best choice for people looking to protect themselves from any possible encounters with lasers.

In order to block a colored laser, the filter being used must be complimentary. Therefore, for a blue laser, the filter must be yellow. For a red laser, the filter must be blue so that the apparent color of the filter is green when the colors are combined. The retina of the eye, which processes all of the information your eyes come into contact with, is what is most readily damaged by laser pens.

Your eyes have rods and cones in the retina. Rods are responsible for low light vision, which aids in instances such as being outdoors during nighttime. Meanwhile, cones assist in seeing color in daylight. Rods can “see” light from about 300nm to 840nm, which is nearly the entire visible spectrum. Cones are most sensitive to 480nm, or blue light. That is why even though they are about as dark as sunglasses, they are effective to protect the eyes, while still allowing one to see in low light levels such as indoors or at night.

Why Phillips Laser Safety Glasses For Police and First Responders?

Our Laser Strike Glasses have been used by pilots for many years with fantastic results. They are now being tasked with a new assignment to protect our first responders on the ground. We encourage all emergency personnel to take advantage of our laser safety eyewear. If you have any questions or need to place an order, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

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