Post: Laser Safety Glasses for Helicopter Pilots

Laser Safety Glasses for Helicopter Pilots

Looking for laser safety glasses to protect you from laser pointers?

Laser Safety Glasses for Helicopter Pilots

Helicopter pilots, like airline pilots, have become subject to laser pointer attacks in recent years, with high-powered laser pointers being shined into their cockpits. Laser safety glasses are necessary to prevent dangerous flash blindness caused by these laser pointers.High-powered laser pointers are not toys, and they can be used as weapons. While these laser pointers are not capable of causing permanent damage to helicopter pilots from the ground, it is still important for pilots to consider wearing laser pointer safety glasses to protect them from these laser attacks. The flash blindness from these laser attacks can result in a fatal crash if it happens at the wrong time.

Our Laser Strike Eyewear is a perfect choice for laser safety glasses for helicopter pilots for several reasons:

  • Laser Strike Eyewear comes in 3 lens colors so you can choose the amount of protection and visible light transmission you want.
  • Our Laser Strike Eyewear does not impede your vision of your controls while still protecting from harmful laser pointers.
  • While Laser Strike Eyewear does block harmful laser pointers, it still allows enough laser pointer beam through to allow you to see that an attack is being attempted so you can alert the authorities.
  • Our Laser Strike Eyewear comes in several comfortable and stylish frames so you can be happy with what you’re wearing.
  • Laser Strike Eyewear offers great visible light transmission and color recognition, with lightweight and comfortable lenses.

If you are a helicopter pilot and want protection against laser pointers, our laser safety glasses for helicopter pilots is our Laser Strike Eyewear line.

If you’re a helicopter pilot looking for protection, take a look at our Laser Strike Eyewear and see if there’s something that’s right for you. Pilots in the United States alone report over 1,000 laser pointer attacks each year, and high-powered laser pointers are only becoming more popular.If you have any questions about laser pointer safety or what’s right for you, don’t hesitate to call us or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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