Post: Laser Safety Glasses for Co2 Laser Use: Finding the Right Style and Price

Laser Safety Glasses for Co2 Laser Use: Finding the Right Style and Price

When working in the laser industry, the Co2 laser is one of the most potentially dangerous because of the invisible radiation it emanates. This requires a special type of eyewear protection that’s essential to prevent permanent eye damage. However, you need to make sure your workers choose the right type of eyewear for proper protection. If they don’t choose ones designated for Co2 use, eye damage is almost definite.Equally important is checking to see what the optical density is on those safety glasses. This is usually listed directly on the glasses as a rating number. In most cases, that number should go above 5, though you might see numbers slightly lower or higher.For a Co2 laser, the OD definitely needs a higher number. The only times you see a lower number is during laser alignment when the laser is generally powered down.Even so, are the safety glasses you’re using now stylish enough? If you’ve found ones that are safe for Co2 laser work, they may not feel comfortable on your workers. Plus, if you provide goggles, these can look extremely outdated and feel physically uncomfortable when worn for hours.It’s time to find Co2 safety glasses your workers will never feel embarrassed to wear. At the same time, finding glasses that feel good inspires better productivity.Here at Phillips Safety Products, we’re here to help you find what you need in laser safety glasses for the Co2 laser.Eximer EyewearWe carry several notable filter types of eyewear for the Co2 laser, and Eximer is one of the best. With these and others, you get clear lenses so your workers can look normal wearing them over other glasses on the market.Eximer glasses are also very affordable. The #300 model, for instance, is only $30 while giving you specialized features like spectacle style and black nylon frames. With the model #33, you have another unique feature in being able to fit the eyewear over existing prescription glasses.These look very attractive and still give your employees an exceptional field of view. Better yet, they’re extremely lightweight for a comfortable fit.If you haven’t noticed, you’ll see Eximer glasses are all wraparounds. Rubber nose pads are an additional common feature, and you’ll find this with the #282 model. Unifit nylon frames are another feature to make these feel natural on the face rather than a heavy weight.In cases where you want eyewear in goggle form, Eximer accommodates you without making them unattractive. The #55 model, for instance, uses specific padding and fit-over capability so workers won’t get frustrated wearing these for long hours.When your workers want specific colors in their safety glasses, the Eximers provide the best options. Using the #808-R model, your workers can use a trendy red color to better reflect their personalities.Erbium EyewearWith Erbium eyewear, you get another laser filter type that brings similar features to the Eximer models above. These cost a little more, though the quality is even greater. This comes through their sturdiness and high percentage in visible light transmission. In the latter case, it’s to 85%.The wraparound style is a top feature on the Erbiums, yet you’ll see how much they look like real glasses through models like the #206-YBO. For more unique stylizing, they even provide an aviator style pair containing side shields. You’ll find this through the #600-P containing soft nose guards so they don’t make irritating nose marks.The silver frame model is very stylish with fully adjustable temple bars. It brings maximum safety through the design while giving a telescoping option for a more perfect fit. Through these, you see extra proof in how much more customization you get through Erbium glasses.As with Eximer, Erbium gives you a safety goggles model in the #55. These again have comfortable padding and easily fit over existing eyewear without feeling obstructive.YAG, Alexandrite Diode, Holmium EyewearThese glasses give added variation on the ones from Eximer and Erbium above. The difference is these all have light blue lenses for a different look from the ordinary.Having this feature doesn’t degrade the quality, particularly with the adherence to protection and performance. In the Model 375, as an example, the frames are ANSI Z87+ approved, which is a high-impact safety standard assuring extreme durability.For more stylized design, check out the Model 808 and its beautiful neutral-colored frames. Rubber nose pads are another standard here to show how important fit is for any face structure.Keep in mind  you can get green-tinted UV protection eyewear through our UV Excimer, Diode, and InGaAs models. The #300-BK gives you the black nylon frames in the others while providing UV protection when worn either outdoors or in.AKG-5 Holmium/Yag EyewearOn these, you get superior visibility in light transmission and very high optical densities. Along with the better VLT, you gain all of the same features you see above. Eurolite frames on models like the #33-BK fit over virtually any type of glasses your employees wear.Fit-over capability is just as vital with goggles. The #55 model makes this possible without an employee having to remove their regular glasses first. Padding is equally essential with bulkier laser eyewear protection, and you’ll find it here for a good price in the $200-$300 range.Contact us at Phillips Safety Products if you have any questions about our eyewear for Co2 lasers. We continue being the leader in safety glasses through extra attention to style, comfort, and price. Visit our website to see our wide range of inventory.

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