Post: Blue Beam Defense: Laser Safety Glasses 445nm

Blue Beam Defense: Laser Safety Glasses 445nm

Looking for a pair of laser glasses tailored for a 445nm wavelength? Look no further than our laser pointer safety glasses with blue green beam lenses. These specialized glasses are designed to shield against the hazards posed by blue laser pointers, which have become increasingly prevalent in today’s market.


As high-powered blue laser pointers typically emit light at a 445nm wavelength, the need for adequate eye protection has never been more crucial. Pilots and operators of large vehicles often encounter the alarming scenario of laser pointers being directed at their eyes, leading to flash blindness and posing serious risks of injury or even fatality.

Our laser strike eyewear is meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive protection, specifically targeting the risks associated with blue laser pointers. If you are concerned about protecting yourself from blue lasers, or if you are interested in laser safety glasses for 445nm laser pointers, then you should take a look at our laser pointer safety glasses collection.


  • Laser strike eyewear comes in three types of protection: green laser pointers, green and blue laser pointers, and green, blue, and red laser pointers.
  • If you are worried about blue lasers, our laser strike PSPBG eyewear will protect you from blue and green laser pointers while offering an amazing 43.0% visible light transmission (VLT).
  • Laser strike eyewear uses specially formulated dyes in the lenses to ensure that pilots can see all their controls and into the sky while still protecting against laser pointer attacks.
  • Every year, thousands of pilots have a laser pointer shined into their eyes. Such an incident can result in flash blindness, where the pilot is not able to see for anywhere from a few minutes to hours. This is obviously devastatingly dangerous during the landing of a plane.
  • If you are a pilot or heavy machinery operator at risk of having a laser pointer attack, or if you need laser safety glasses for 445nm laser pointers for another reason, laser strike eyewear is right for you.



Tailored Protection

Laser strike eyewear offers three levels of protection, catering to various laser pointer wavelengths. Whether it’s green, blue, or red laser pointers, our eyewear has you covered.


Advanced Technology

The laser strike PSPBG eyewear, in particular, is adept at shielding against blue and green laser pointers, boasting an impressive 43.0% visible light transmission (VLT). This ensures adequate protection without compromising visibility of controls or the surrounding environment.


Specialized Formulation

Our laser strike eyewear utilizes specially formulated dyes in the lenses, allowing pilots and operators to maintain visibility of their controls and surroundings while effectively safeguarding against laser pointer attacks.

Laser safety glasses for laser pointers are a relatively new occurrence because laser pointers never used to be so powerful and easy to get on the internet. As such, protection against these lasers is hard to find. We are proud to offer laser strike eyewear for pilot and laser pointer protection, and we are also proud to be one of the only laser safety manufacturers in the United States doing it. If you need laser pointer protection or 445 wavelength laser protective eyewear, take a look at our Laser Pointer Safety Glasses collection.

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