Post: Laser Safety for Nurses

Laser Safety for Nurses

Are you a nurse wondering what you need to know about laser safety eyewear?

Laser Safety for Nurses

Nurses often need laser safety eyewear for working in surgeries and other medical situations where a laser is in use. Any time someone is present during the use of a laser that requires the use of laser safety glasses, that person is required to wear the appropriate protective equipment, including laser safety glasses. So, if you’re a nurse working around lasers that are hazardous to your vision, you need to know about laser safety for nurses. At Phillips Safety, we carry a huge variety of laser safety glasses, so we have them for all medical applications. We also carry many types of laser eyewear that work for use with several different lasers, so, if you’re working in an environment where you’re exposed to more than one type of laser, you may be able to use one set of eyewear for both. Here’s what you need to know about laser safety for nurses:

  • All personnel working in the vicinity of a laser that requires laser safety glasses must wear laser safety eyewear at least while the laser has power running to it.
  • Laser safety for nurses is the same as it is for all other personnel around the laser, be they doctors or technicians. Proper eyewear is a necessity to protect your vision.
  • Laser safety glasses can mean the difference between losing your vision and having a normal work day.
  • Many medical lasers can cause permanent retinal damage or blindness from indirect exposure for a fraction of a second.
  • Laser safety for nurses is crucial to the safety of nurses and patients alike.

If you’re a nurse working around hazardous lasers, you need to ensure that your eyes are always protected in the vicinity of the laser.If you have any questions about laser safety, what you need, or what the best choice is for your system or set of lasers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have laser safety glasses for all types of medical lasers, including CO2, Argon, YAG, Diode, and more. Your safety is our number one priority. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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