Post: Laser Engraving Custom Names and Logos Now Available

Laser Engraving Custom Names and Logos Now Available

If you need custom eyewear for your company or to personalize your own glasses, our laser engraving system can create what you need.

Laser Engraving Custom Names and Logos Now Available

Whether you work in a hospital or research facility, are selling or using our eyewear, are an individual or a corporation, our laser engraving can have a huge impact on the quality and usefulness of your eyewear.

Laser engraving can allow you to have a name, custom logo, or other custom shape engraved onto your eyewear and colored. This can be incredibly useful for differentiating between eyewear within a department and allow you to customize the eyewear to be branded with your company’s logo.

If you’re looking for a way to make your eyewear unique and recognizable, here’s what’s great about our new laser engraving:

  • Laser engraving custom names and logos onto protective eyewear makes it yours, creating a permanent and elegant mark of ownership and/or brand.
  • Our laser engraving is available on eyewear in all of our lines, including glassblowing, laser safety, radiation safety, welding, and impact safety.
  • We can do custom engraving on many surfaces of the eyewear, often including inside the frame and on certain lens types.
  • If you’re in a department where many people use the same type of eyewear, laser engraving is a cost-effective way of ensuring your eyewear has your name permanently marked on it.

Laser engraving your name or logo onto your laser eyewear is a great way to get custom, personalized eyewear.

If you have any questions about laser engraving, what’s available, or what we can do, just leave a comment below or give us a call. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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