Post: How to Select Laser Safety Glasses

How to Select Laser Safety Glasses

In this article, you will discover how to select laser safety glasses that are the key to proper eye protection in situations that risk exposure to lasers. Above all, laser safety glasses prevent burns and tissue damage which can strike the unprotected eye.

Selection of Laser Safety Glasses

The best way to find the right pair of laser safety glasses – the proper laser-filter lenses mounted in your favorite frame style – is to shop at trusted well-known companies, like Phillips Safety Products. With over 100 years of leading manufactured occupational safety products, Phillips Safety manufactures a complete line of laser safety glasses, goggles, and eyewear in dozens of frame styles.

At Phillips Safety, you will find the best laser safety glasses that will fit your style and needs. With a wide range of laser safety glasses to choose from, you will ensure proper coverage while working with high risk laser exposures. Definitely, having the correct pair of laser safety glasses will get you comfort and safety at all times

Select the correct Laser Filter

The laser filtering capability is a critical part of choosing your laser safety glasses. Many different lasers are employed in many different industries, and your safety glasses must be compatible with the type of laser you use. 

Phillips Safety Products offers just about every variety of laser safety filters that’s ever been designed. Following, these filters include eyewear lenses that provide proper wavelength filtering in the following categories:

  • Argon Laser/190-532 nm
  • Eximer Laser/190-353nm
  • Nd:Yag Laser/1064 nm
  • Nd:Yag Laser/532, 1064 nm
  • Ho:Yag Laser/2100 nm
  • CO2 Laser/10,600 nm
  • Telecom Laser/820-1720 nm
  • Diode Alexandrite/800-980 nm
  • Diode Yag Harmonics/190-534 nm, 830-1090 nm, 1064 nm
  • Vbeam, Vbeam2, Dye Filter/ 591-597 nm
  • Alexandrite-Diode-Yag/755, 810, 1064 nm Combo
  • Alexandrite Laser/755 nm
  • KTP Laser/532 nm
  • Er:Yag Laser/2780, 2940 nm
  • Diode Laser/808-815 nm
  • Diode Laser/980 nm
  • 1391 nm Laser
  • 1540 nm Laser
  • Alignment Glasses
  • Patient Eyewear
  • Specialty Filter Glasses

Plus, Phillips Safety supplies lenses that filter out any laser wavelengths that are harmful to the human eye. 

Order Laser Safety Glasses Online

To order the right pair of laser glasses or laser safety goggles, you need to know the operating parameters of your laser: the wavelength range, and the OD (Optical Density). If you cannot find these requirements mounted on a label on your laser’s housing or listed in the apparatus’ manual, contact Phillips Safety and ask to speak to a laser safety expert. In addition, the company offers free consultations and OD calculations. This way, you will be sure that you are provided with the correct eyewear system, regardless of the laser you use.

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