Post: How to Select Laser Safety Glasses

How to Select Laser Safety Glasses

Choosing the correct laser safety glasses is crucial to protect your eyes from potentially harmful laser radiation. The process involves considering several factors, including the type of laser you’re working with, the laser’s power or energy output, and the specific wavelengths involved. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right laser safety glasses:


#1: First, look at your laser to see if the required Optical Density (OD) and protection wavelengths are printed on it. If this information is not found on the laser, check its manual to see if it specifies the required OD and wavelengths. If the manual does not provide this information, proceed to the following blog on calculating the optical density needed for my laser safety glasses.

#2: If the required Optical Density (OD) and wavelengths for protection are not specified on the laser itself or in the manual, consider contacting the laser manufacturer directly. Manufacturers often have technical support teams that can provide you with the necessary laser safety glasses requirements for your specific laser system. This step ensures that you receive accurate and reliable information to guide your selection of appropriate safety glasses.


#3: Once you receive the specified wavelength and Optical Density (OD) requirements from the manufacturer, look for laser safety glasses with an OD that is at least equal to, if not higher than, the specified value. This ensures that the glasses provide adequate protection for your specific laser system, considering the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

When it comes to sourcing laser safety glasses with the right Optical Density and wavelength for your specific needs, Phillips Safety is your trusted partner. We offer a wide variety of laser filters designed to cater to a range of laser systems and applications. Whether you require protection for red, green, blue, or any other laser wavelength, our extensive catalog has you covered.

#4: Once you have determined the correct wavelength and Optical Density (OD) requirements, consider selecting laser safety glasses with the best Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) possible. A higher VLT means more visible light can pass through the lens, allowing you to see your work more clearly. In practical terms, you can opt for a lighter color lens to improve visibility without compromising safety.

For reference, typical sunglasses often have a VLT in the 12-15% range, which significantly limits the amount of visible light passing through. In contrast, laser safety glasses with a higher VLT will provide better visibility while offering the required protection against laser radiation. Finding a balance between security and visibility is critical to ensuring safety and your work’s quality.


#5: Once you have determined the correct lens specifications, the final step is to select the appropriate frame style for your laser safety glasses. Here are some considerations:

  • If you wear prescription glasses, look for laser safety glasses specifically designed to fit over your prescription glasses. These over-glasses styles provide an additional layer of protection without compromising your vision.
  • If you don’t wear prescription glasses, opt for a comfortable frame style that provides good coverage for your eyes. Choose a design that fits securely to prevent laser radiation leakage and ensures overall safety.

Selecting the right frame style is essential to ensure your laser safety glasses are comfortable for extended periods while protecting your eyes from laser radiation.

#6: Check for ANSI Z136.1 compliance. ANSI Z136.1 is the American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers. Ensure that the laser safety glasses you choose comply with this standard or any relevant international safety standards.


Remember that laser safety is paramount, and wearing the correct laser safety glasses is essential to protect your eyes from potentially harmful laser radiation. Always consult with laser safety experts or professionals in your field if you have any doubts or questions about selecting the correct safety glasses for your specific laser application.


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