Post: How Do Laser Safety Glasses Work?

How Do Laser Safety Glasses Work?

Wondering what those glasses you have to wear actually do?

How Laser Safety Glasses Work

Laser safety glasses are used in a variety of industries where lasers are applicable, such as in medicine, research, military operations, and industry. If you’re working with a laser and need to wear laser safety glasses, you may be wondering to yourself: How do my laser safety glasses work?

The simple answer is, they block the laser from getting to your eye. Ultimately, laser safety glasses work by stopping direct, reflected, and scattered laser beams and radiation from getting into your eye, where they could cause your retina to be damaged or destroyed.

Here’s the more thorough explanation of how laser safety glasses work:

  • Laser safety glasses have colored or special clear lenses that filter light. They block certain wavelengths of light (either visible or invisible) and allow other light through.
  • By filtering light, laser safety glasses allow enough visible light through for you to work without allowing dangerous direct, reflected, or scattered laser radiation through which could harm your eyes or blind you.
  • Laser safety glasses are specified by the wavelengths they block (usually in a range of wavelengths) and the Optical Density (OD), or the strength at which they block those wavelengths.
  • Laser safety glasses are generally designed to block all but an invisible fraction of the light from getting through the lens. Occasionally, there are laser glasses which are used for alignment which allow a little more of the wavelength through so you can see the beam. Unless you are involved with alignment and need these specifically, alignment glasses should not be used as laser safety glasses.
  • Laser safety glasses are made for every type of dangerous laser in existence to ensure that you can get protection. They can be clear or colored and generally come in a variety of styles.
  • Laser lenses are usually impregnated with special chemicals and dyes which allow them to block the wavelengths they block.

If you are working with a laser and need to wear laser safety glasses, you should be sure to purchase the right style for your laser and always wear them in designated areas.

We’re proud to offer a full line of laser safety glasses for our customers. If you are working with a laser and need eye protection, please don’t hesitate to contact us of you have any questions about what’s right for your laser system.

Laser safety glasses are essential for the safe operation of lasers. If you are working with a laser, always practice proper laser safety. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your eyesight! Thanks for reading!

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