Post: Finding the Right Type of Laser Safety Glasses for Your Work Environment

Finding the Right Type of Laser Safety Glasses for Your Work Environment

When it comes to working in environments that involve laser technology, finding the right type of laser safety glasses can be a challenge. Comfort, quality, field of view, and style are all factors that need to be considered. At Phillips Safety, we understand the importance of providing laser safety glasses that meet your specific needs. Let’s explore the different types of laser glasses available and how you can find the perfect fit for your work environment.


One of the primary concerns when selecting laser safety glasses is finding a pair that offers both protection and comfort. Our glasses are designed to safeguard your employees’ eyes from reflected, scattered, or direct laser light, preventing extensive eye damage. Whether you need glasses for Class 3R, Class 3B, or Class 4 laser systems, we have options that provide optimal protection. Additionally, our glasses are designed for comfort, ensuring that your employees can wear them for extended periods without discomfort.


Selecting the appropriate filter is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of laser safety glasses. Consider the operating wavelength and power level of your lasers to determine the filter required. At Phillips Safety, we offer four types of filters to meet your specific needs:

Glass Filters: Our glass filters provide excellent visibility and offer the most protection for various laser wavelengths. They come in different colors, including grey and purple, as well as clear options.

Polycarbonate Filters: Lightweight and affordable, polycarbonate filters are scratch-resistant and provide thorough laser protection. They come in a variety of color tint styles, including red.

Alignment Filters: Ideal for aligning lasers, alignment filters provide comprehensive protection from dangerous radiation. They come in various colors, such as red and dark orange.

IPL Filters: For intense pulse light lasers, we offer polycarbonate filters with customization options. Brown Contrast Enhancement filters improve color distinction, while green IPL filters are commonly used in laser cosmetic work.


We understand the importance of aesthetics, especially when your employees interact with others. Our laser safety glasses come in a range of stylish designs, allowing your employees to express their personalities while maintaining safety. Aviator styles, featuring thin and lightweight frames with side shields, are a popular choice. Glasses with wraparound nylon frames, rubberized temple bars, and nose pads offer comfort and functionality. Fitover designs are also available for those who need to wear laser glasses over their regular glasses, providing a lightweight solution.


For employees who require prescription glasses, we offer the option to create prescription laser glasses. This ensures that they can wear their glasses comfortably throughout the day without compromising on protection. Our prescription laser glasses are compatible with a variety of laser safety filters, including those with high diode light transmission.

Finding the right laser safety glasses for your work environment is essential for protecting your employees’ eyes from potential hazards. At Phillips Safety, we provide a collection of laser safety glasses that combine comfort, quality, and style. By choosing the appropriate filter and considering your employees’ specific needs, you can ensure optimal protection without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. Contact us at Phillips Safety Products to learn more about our laser safety eyewear options and make informed decisions for your industry. Your employees’ safety is our top priority.

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