Post: Don’t Take The Risk: Wear The Proper Laser Safety Glasses

Don’t Take The Risk: Wear The Proper Laser Safety Glasses

Safety glasses and safety goggles are vital pieces in any workplace environment that include any risks of potential eye injuries. Wearing proper eye protection is essential in these work environments because of the ability to protect the eyes against injuries and to meet the requirements that have been set by OSHA. When work practices or administrative controls are not practical or if they are not able to provide enough protection, OSHA will require the workplace to provide their employees with PPE(personal protective equipment) to ensure it is being used properly. Eye protection and face protection should be provided when necessary to protect everyone’s eyes against lasers, chemical hazards, and other irritants and hazards.The medical industry has some of the more common occupations that have an increased level of eye injuries. It may seem very obvious, but we will never get tired of repeating it. Protecting everyone’s eyes from lasers and other elements that can cause injuries and complete blindness is highly important. Considering that the majority of workplace injuries can be avoided, a comfortable pair of laser safety glasses can save many people from a life of disabilities and struggles.

Features Of Laser Safety Glasses

All of the benefits of laser safety glasses make perfect sense, but many employees are still hesitant or resistant to wear glasses. They may also claim that they simply forget to put them on. We encourage you to remind all your employees of the reasons why wearing these glasses are so important. It can be even more beneficial if you establish a safety program and add extra precautions to ensure that everyone will use their safety glasses properly. Some of the features of safety glasses include the following:

  • Impact-resistant
  • Some glasses can be worn over a pair of prescription glasses
  • The safety glasses will be form-fitting
  • Provide great protection against hazards coming from all directions

Why Are Laser Safety Glasses Needed?

A quick online search will give you a very good idea of the type of things that can happen to every part of your eyes if laser safety glasses are not worn during the time a laser is used. Laser safety glasses will give your eyes the protection they need from any type of radiation that comes from a laser, regardless of the radiation being direct or indirect. Radiation from a laser is so powerful that it can result in serious eye damage, including blindness. Someone can lose vision in an eye in a matter of seconds due to the power of a laser. This type of danger should be a very good reason to avoid any type of eye contact with laser radiation.

More Reasons Why You Need To Use Eye Protection In The Workplace

  • The risks of not wearing laser safety glasses outweigh the uncomfortable feeling you may get when wearing them
  • If a worker fails to wear laser safety glasses, blindness can occur in a split second
  • If anyone fails to wear laser safety glasses, your workplace may face serious consequences for not following the protocols that have been set. If your laser safety program requires the use of laser safety glasses whenever a laser is being used, this means the protocol should be followed at all times.
  • Failing to wear laser safety glasses may make it impossible to see the laser beam you are working with. If you cannot see the laser beam, this could result in major consequences for your eyes and anything or anyone else who may be in the room.

Choosing The Right Laser Safety Glasses

You can make guesses about a variety of things, but you should not take a guess when it comes to laser safety. You should know for certain that you are wearing the right laser safety glasses that will provide full protection from your laser. When you are not sure about what type of laser safety glasses are appropriate, there are various things you can do, including the following:

  • If the laser you are using came with laser safety glasses, you should be able to see the wavelength and optical ratings on the lens of the glasses or the frame of the glasses. If this is the situation you are in, you should feel confident in purchasing additional laser safety glasses that have the same wavelength and ratings.
  • If your workplace has a department that is dedicated to laser safety, you should feel confident that members of the department will carefully determine the right type of laser safety glasses. If there is no LSO, you can refer to the guidelines and instructions on your laser to find out what the wavelength is.
  • If you are having trouble determining the right type of laser safety glasses, you can always reach out to a laser safety glasses provider. A laser safety glasses provider will have the skills and experience that are needed to recommend laser safety glasses.

You do not want to take laser protection lightly and you do not want to make guesses when it comes to eye protection. It can be very easy to obtain an injury to the eye if the right eye protection is not being worn. Everyone should always pay attention to the guidelines that have been outlined by the laser safety program.When multiple lasers are being used, it can only take a split second of exposure for someone to obtain a serious eye injury or permanent blindness by indirect or direct laser radiation. Personal protective equipment should always be worn when anyone is in the vicinity of a laser. You should never take any risks or make any guesses when it comes to lasers and PPE. One mistake that may seem small now could result in permanent eye damage.Laser safety glasses exist for each laser that is being used. When a new laser comes out, the laser manufacturer will make sure there are new lenses that will protect you from the laser, especially if the current lenses will not offer protection from the new lasers.Always be safe and wear the proper laser safety glasses when a laser is being operated. For more information on laser safety glasses, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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