Post: Do I Need Laser Safety Glasses?

Do I Need Laser Safety Glasses?

If you work with lasers, it’s important to protect your eyes from laser rays. Laser safety glasses are designed to block specific wavelengths of light, providing protection from laser beams and scattered radiation. But who needs to wear laser safety glasses, and how can you determine whether you need them?

In general, anyone who operates a laser that is capable of causing tissue or eye damage should wear laser safety glasses. However, if you work in an environment where there are lasers present, even if you are not directly involved in laser operations, you may also need to wear laser safety glasses.

If your workplace has a Laser Safety Officer (LSO), this person can advise you on whether you need to wear laser safety glasses. In addition, if you see a sign that says “Protective Eyewear Required Beyond This Point,” you should assume that laser safety glasses are necessary.

It’s important to remember that laser radiation can be invisible, so just because you can’t see a beam doesn’t mean you’re safe. Laser safety glasses are designed to block the specific wavelengths of light that are emitted by lasers and can provide protection even if you can’t see the beam.

At Phillips Safety, we offer laser safety glasses that protect against a wide range of lasers, including those used in medicine and research. We also offer filters that can provide protection against multiple lasers used in the same facility. Our laser safety glasses are CE approved for those who require laser safety in Europe. If you are looking for laser safety glasses and are not in the US, please contact us so we can direct you to eyewear appropriate for you, no matter where you are located.

How to choose laser safety glasses properly

When choosing laser safety glasses, it’s important to select glasses that offer the appropriate level of protection for the lasers you will be exposed to. Different types of lasers emit different wavelengths of light, and different laser safety glasses are designed to block specific wavelengths. At Phillips Safety, we can help you choose the right glasses for your needs based on the specific type of laser you will be working with.

In addition to providing protection from laser radiation, our laser safety glasses are designed to maximize visible light transmission (VLT). Higher VLT means better vision, which is important if you need to be able to see your work clearly while wearing the glasses.

Remember, when it comes to laser safety, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Laser radiation can cause irreparable damage to your eyes in just a fraction of a second, and the risks are not worth taking. If you’re unsure whether you need laser safety glasses, consult with a Laser Safety Officer or contact us at Phillips Safety for advice. We’re here to help you protect your vision and stay safe while working with lasers. Be safe!

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Our laser experts will be able to tell you what you need for your application.


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