Post: Dental Laser Safety Glasses

Dental Laser Safety Glasses

There are many types of lasers used in the laser industry, but only a few are used in the dental industry.

Laser Safety Glasses for Dental Laser

Dentists have a select few types of lasers to choose from, and they operate at specific wavelengths which require specific eye protection. If you are a dentist using a dental laser or considering getting one, dental laser safety glasses should be a priority in your considerations.Laser safety glasses for dentists range from 810 Diode laser safety glasses to YAG laser safety glasses, with occasional CO2 laser safety glasses making an appearance. Each of these protects against different types of lasers. Filters associated with these laser safety glasses offer good to extremely good visible light transmission, or VLT, depending on the type you need.

If you are in the market for laser safety glasses for dentists or laser safety glasses, diode, YAG, or CO2, here’s what you need to know:

  • Diode laser safety glasses for dentists protect from 810nm lasers and typically offer protection in a range that spans from 800-830nm. They offer excellent VLT and have light yellow lenses.
  • YAG laser safety glasses for dentists offer protection for lasers operating at 1064nm and generally protect from 900-1100nm. They have green lenses and offer good VLT for dental procedures.
  • CO2 laser safety glasses for dentists protect from CO2 lasers operating at 10,600nm. While these lasers are less typically used by dentists, they are used for some dental procedures. They offer extremely good VLT and seem totally clear.
  • Laser safety glasses for diode lasers are the most common in dentists’ offices. They are available in many attractive frames including wraparounds and fitover frames for those who have prescription glasses.
  • Laser safety glasses for YAG lasers have plastic lenses and are available in most frame styles as the diode glasses, with a few exceptions.

Laser safety glasses for dental lasers should be comfortable and attractive. Your patients will see you wearing the eyewear, so wearing glasses that look stylish and aren’t obtrusive or intimidating will help keep your patients calm before the procedure.If you have never used dental laser safety glasses before, the reason they should be comfortable is because you do not want the distraction of uncomfortable glasses or pressure points created by your eyewear to get in the way of your focus during an important procedure.

If you have any questions about dental laser safety glasses or which glasses are right for you and your laser system, leave us a question in the comments section below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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