Post: Candela Goggles for the VBeam Laser

Candela Goggles for the VBeam Laser

Looking to protect yourself from a VBeam laser?

VBeam Laser Candela Goggles

Candela VBeam laser safety glasses protect at three ranges: 570-597nm, 735-755nm, and 795-810nm. Candela’s V-Beam laser system is used in cosmetic laser operations, such as work with vascular lesions, redness, birthmarks, wrinkles, and veins. The VBeam uses a pulsed dye beam, which is why safety goggles are important for use with the Candela VBeam Laser.If you need Candela goggles for the VBeam laser, here’s what you should know:

  • Candela goggles for the VBeam laser will give you protection at the following ranges and optical densities: 591-597nm at 4+, 592-596nm at 5+, 570-595nm at 6+, 571-594nm at 7+, 735-755nm at 7+, and 795-810nm at 7+.
  • The Candela V-Beam laser uses a pulsed dye laser to remove cosmetic skin defects.
  • Candela goggles for the VBeam laser are used in all VBeam applications: vein, redness, and birthmark removal, wrinkle reduction, and rosacea work.
  • Candela goggles for the V-Beam laser are an important part of the safety equipment that should be worn by personnel in many laser spas and cosmetic laser centers.
  • The 71% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) and many frame options will guarantee you comfort and confidence in your Candela goggles for VBeam, no matter the length or complexity of your work.

Candela goggles for the VBeam laser are essential to the safe operation of VBeam lasers, both for the laser operator and for any technicians / others present during procedures.Our selection of Candela goggles for the V-Beam laser ensure that you’ll find a pair that is comfortable and good-looking. Not only will this make it easier to wear the glasses for long periods of time; it will offer comfort to your patients. Bulky “mad scientist” glasses tend to make clients and patients nervous just before a laser operation. Stylish and sleek wraparound laser safety glasses that are modern and toned down will help your clients relax.If you have any questions about laser safety glasses for Candela VBeam, what’s best for your firm, or options for custom engraving and eyewear marking, leave a comment below or give us a call. Thanks for reading, and please stay safe!

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