Post: 5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Safety Glasses

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Safety Glasses

Whether you own a pair of laser safety glasses, radiation safety glasses, or any other form of protective eyewear that shields your eyes from dangerous environments, you will inevitably have to replace those glasses at some point. If you use this eyewear for a job that is particularly hazardous, you will be wearing safety glasses on a daily basis, and over time, they will withstand a lot of wear. And when your safety glasses are starting to show signs of wear, they won’t be able to protect your eyes in the way that they should. So how can you know for sure when it is time to replace your safety glasses? By paying attention to the signs. In this post, we will take a look at the top 5 signs that it’s time to replace your safety glasses in order to ensure the highest level of protection for your eyes.

So what are the 5 signs it’s time to get new safety glasses?

  1. There Are Some Sizable Scratches on Your Specs: Even some of the highest quality safety glasses will be subject to a few scratches when they have been used rigorously for many years. And while you should have no problem finding a pair of safety glasses that come with a scratch-resistant coating on the lenses, you’ll eventually need to replace your glasses when scratches start to pop up. When you don’t address scratched lenses and either has the lenses replaced or your safety glasses swapped out entirely for a new pair, it will compromise your visibility and potentially put your safety at serious risk. At the first sign of noticing scratches on your lenses, start looking at new pairs of safety glasses that have guaranteed scratch-resistance. This way you will get more use out of your new glasses for longer and ensure even higher levels of safety.
  2. Your Vision is Blurry When You Wear Them: This point only applies to anyone who wears safety glasses that are designed with a prescription. If you wear prescription glasses and have corrective lenses built into your safety glasses, you will need to get your safety glasses updated as regularly as your conventional glasses. As a general rule of thumb, get an eye examination once a year. If your eye doctor tells you that you need an updated prescription, this will apply to your safety glasses as well and you will need to purchase a new pair with the correct prescription. If it has been longer than a year and you notice your vision is blurrier or you have been suffering from headaches when you wear your glasses, you will definitely want to make sure that your prescription has been updated.
  3. Your Safety Glasses Are Outdated: When something is outdated it doesn’t merely mean that it has gone out of style; it also means that the functionality of the product is not where it should be at. Just as certain technology can become outdated, so too can safety glasses. If your safety glasses are more than five years old, there is a good chance that they lack some key features that will both improve your visibility when wearing them and maximize the protection of your eyes. If you suspect you may be wearing outdated safety glasses, do a little online shopping and check out the list of features that current safety glasses have to offer. If the safety glasses that you currently possess seem to lack many of the features you see listed of up-to-dated safety glasses, it is a good sign that it’s time for you to invest in a new pair.
  4. Your Glasses Just Can’t Seem to Stay Clean: If you routinely clean your safety glasses, yet the lenses still seem to have a thick film or blotchy spots on them, it may be time to swap out the old for something new. Over time, older glasses become difficult to keep clean, even after they have been properly wiped down with the right cleaning solution and a soft, microfiber cloth. Not only can older glasses become more difficult to clean (and in turn lead to a buildup of the film), certain coatings on your safety glasses will begin to wear away over time. You might not be benefiting from features such as an anti-fog coating, scratch-resistance, UV-ray protection, and other important things that protect your eyes and ensure precise clarity when you are working.
  5. You Catch Yourself Squinting: When you are wearing your safety glasses and you notice you are habitually squinting, even if you don’t have a prescription in your lenses, it may be time to get new safety glasses. You may catch yourself squinting because the lenses are no longer offering the highest level of clarity and sharp vision. When your glasses become older, the lenses and the special coatings on your lenses begin to wear away, thus making it more difficult for you to see clearly. If you notice yourself squinting while you are wearing your safety glasses, it’s time to get some new ones.

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