Post: What Type of Glasses should I use for Glassblowing?

What Type of Glasses should I use for Glassblowing?

Glassblowing can create beautiful works but can be extremely dangerous without the right type of protective equipment. Glassblowing means working with a lot of heat, and some of that heat can turn into unstable sparks that end up flying everywhere. 

Not only should your body have protective covers, but your eyes as well, and glassblowing glasses are a must in every scenario. These types of glasses will protect your eyes against the flying molten debris and help filter out the brightness you’re working with and get you better visual clarity. 


Multiple models can house these light green lenses, which are an excellent option when you’re looking for both optical clarity and efficient protection. With these lenses, you’ll get both excellent UV ray blockage and infrared protection. You can use these lenses for small and large pieces without any issues. 

You’ll also get excellent visuals as these lenses will enhance contrast, thus enhancing what you’re working on while at the same time reducing certain elements of glare. What’s most important, especially when working with smaller pieces, is that you’ll still retain good color recognition wearing a pair of light green glassblowing glasses, so you can work with precision and detail. They also have a visible light transmission (VLT) of 23%. 

They’re also a versatile option perfect for off-hand glass blowing, furnace work, and glory hole work as well, providing the necessary protection and visual clarity in these harsh varied environments. 


The Light Green Glass Blowing Glasses 15011 is a standard rectangular design frame is excellent in housing these light green lenses. They’re extremely durable and lightweight due to their quality plastic construction material. 

You’ll also get integrated side shields that help add a layer of peripheral protection against any splash while working. The nose pads for the Model 15011 are also adjustable for the ideal fit every time. You can get these in eight different color options. 


The Light Green Glass Blowing Glasses EGM is another excellent option with a wraparound design that helps ensure a snug and secure fit. These also come with light green polycarbonate constructed lenses, making them a great choice for glassblowing glasses

The wraparound frame, by default, also helps to protect the size, and the temples and nose pads are rubberized to ensure that they don’t slip off. There’s also an adjustable strap to make the fit even tighter if necessary. You can get these in a red, gray, blue, or black frame color. 


The Light Green Glass Blowing Glasses 70PC comes in a wayfarer design and is sized best for those with a small to medium-sized head. While you’ll already get excellent protective elements against UV and infrared, you’ll also get a lightweight frame you want to wear all day. This model also comes with side shields that are removable when not needed but do enhance peripheral protection as well. You can get these in a black frame option. 

In the end, ensure that you conduct the appropriate research, and if you need additional professional advice, consider reaching out to us at Phillips Safety. We’ll be glad to walk you through all our glassworking safety glasses and our entire light green glassblowing glasses here

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