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Glassworking involves various processes such as glass blowing, glass casting, and glass fusing, all of which expose workers to potentially harmful levels of UV, IR, and visible light. To ensure safety and protection for professionals engaged in glassworking activities, choosing the right glassworking glasses is crucial. In this guide, we will explore the key considerations when buying glassworking glasses and present Phillips Safety’s range of glassworking filters, highlighting their qualities and benefits.

phillips safety glassworking glasses

Phillips Safety presents an extensive lineup of glassworking filters meticulously crafted to deliver superior protection and clarity for professionals in the glassworking industry. Our range includes Sodium Flare Poly, Phillips 202, BoroView 3.0, BoroView 5.0, BoroTruView 3.0, BoroTruView 5.0, and Light Green filters. Among these, Sodium Flare Poly, Phillips 202, and BoroTruView 3.0 variants are also available with prescription lenses, ensuring tailored eye protection for every glassworking professional.

With a variety of filter options available, Phillips Safety enables users to select filters tailored to their specific glassworking applications and environmental conditions.

Soft glass
Small glass work
Soft glass
Small glass work
Borosilicate glass
Small glass work
Borosilicate glass
Large glass work
Borosilicate glass
Furnace work (gathering/slumping)
Small glass work
Borosilicate glass
Large glass work
Furnace work
Small glass work
Large glass work

LENS Filter Types

Different glassworking processes emit varying levels of UV, IR, and visible light. Ensure that the glasses you choose have the appropriate filters to block out harmful wavelengths specific to your glassworking activities.

uv and ir protection

Evaluate the level of protection offered by the glasses. Look for glasses that comply with industry standards and provide adequate protection against UV, IR, and visible light to safeguard your eyes from potential hazards.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is essential for prolonged use. Opt for glasses that are lightweight, ergonomic, and provide a secure fit to prevent slipping or discomfort during extended glassworking sessions.


While protection is paramount, ensure that the glasses offer clear visibility without distorting colors or obstructing your vision. This is crucial for maintaining precision and accuracy in glassworking tasks.


Safety Certification

Look for glasses that meet relevant safety standards such as ANSI Z87.1 for eye protection in industrial settings. This ensures that the glasses have undergone rigorous testing and meet the required safety criteria.

HOW TO order glassworking GLASSES



Begin by choosing the appropriate filter for your glassworking application. Consider factors such as the lens material (glass or polycarbonate), type of glass (soft or borosilicate), and glassworking specialization (furnace work, small glass work, or large glass work). Our selection includes a range of filters designed to block UV, sodium flare, and provide IR protection, while maintaining optical clarity for precise vision.


SELECT the frame

Once you’ve chosen the filter that meets your safety needs, proceed to select the frame style that best suits your preferences and comfort. Our frames come in various designs, including wrap-around, lightweight, and adjustable options, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for extended wear. Explore our frame options to find the perfect combination of style and functionality for your needs.

after choosing the perfect filter,
select “view PRODUCTS”


add prescription

If you require prescription lenses, we offer a selection of glassworking glasses with prescription-compatible filters. These filters are specially designed to accommodate prescription lenses while providing the same level of UV, IR, and sodium flare protection. Click “select prescription lenses” to add your prescription information.

prescription available glassworking filters:

Choosing the right glassworking glasses is essential for ensuring the safety, comfort, and productivity of professionals engaged in glassworking activities. By considering factors such as filter types, protection level, comfort, visibility, and safety certifications, individuals can make informed decisions when purchasing glassworking glasses. Phillips Safety offers a comprehensive range of glassworking filters that combine advanced technology, superior protection, and exceptional clarity, making them the ideal choice for professionals in the glassworking industry.

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