Post: Safety Glasses for a Grow Room: High Pressure Sodium to Metal Halide Eyewear

Safety Glasses for a Grow Room: High Pressure Sodium to Metal Halide Eyewear

Hydroponic growing is a true art form in growing crops, though it requires high-intensity lighting in order to achieve the best results. As a result, those who work in grow rooms need to wear specialized protective eyewear to prevent obscured viewing. Since detail is important to determine how well a crop grows, those who work in grow rooms need special lenses for vision clarity.It’s not impossible to find many safety glasses for grow rooms, though you can’t always find ones that are comfortable or durable. Far too many on the market just don’t look stylish, or designed to fit any face structure. Instead, many who work in these environments have to resort to eyewear that creates nose marks, or simply feel painful.Then you have those who have to wear prescription glasses and can’t work without them. Far too much safety eyewear on the market doesn’t fit well over glasses, leading to frustration in employees and perhaps lack of productivity.Considering your hydroponic growing team needs to work long hours, it’s time to think more seriously about the eyewear they have. Here at Phillips Safety Products, we’ve changed the game in grow room glasses. No more do you have to worry about washout problems or eyewear obscuring vision.We have high-pressure sodium glasses, LED glasses, and metal halide glasses with ability to filter out all excess light to prevent errors.High-Pressure Sodium GlassesOur GrowView™ glasses are ones your indoor growing team need to have thanks to unique lenses and frames. When you’re working with high or low sodium in your hydroponic lighting, finding glasses that have specialized optical formulas in the lenses is imperative for complete eye protection.Just one missed detail from being unable to see well can create big problems for your indoor growing company. This starts by finding safety glasses that look like real glasses. For those wanting ones looking and feeling like normal glasses, try the #GG-HPS-1205 model with super light metal frames.The above pair is perfect for those with medium or large faces. This can make them happier considering not all safety glasses accommodate those facial structures. Because these are very lightweight, employees won’t feel like they want to remove them after hours of use.With purple tinted lenses, the style of these stand out. Plus, the wraparound style is common with other HPS eyewear in our inventory.For ones with thicker frames, the 1362 model looks heavier, yet it’s just as lightweight as the eyewear above. These have another wraparound safety frame for the ultimate in comfort. Your indoor growing team can basically wear these and other models for an entire day and almost forget they’re even wearing safety glasses.But what about HPS glasses needing to fit over existing eyewear? The OTG model is the one you want with a unifit nylon frame. It has a fitover design so it can fit over virtually any type of prescription eyewear. Those who can’t work without their glasses will finally relish having safety glasses like this, especially with adjustable temple bars.This model has anti-scratch coating as well so there isn’t any chance of obscured vision if the glasses get accidentally damaged.LED Safety GlassesYou already know about how great LED sunglasses are when out in the sun. Now you can get LED safety glasses for indoor growing facilities. These are very affordable and come in numerous styles to suit different personalities.No more do your employees have to wear eyewear looking all alike and appearing embarrassingly outdated. They can walk around the premises all day and look like they’re wearing regular glasses.Try the 282 model as one of the most affordable pair available. These give you rubber nose pads as an extra feature your employees are going to appreciate. How many times have your workers complained about sharp nose pads that cut into the skin?These pads fit naturally, no matter how long they’re worn. Once again, the entire design is lightweight so it doesn’t feel like you’re even wearing anything. Nylon frames are a true miracle material you can’t find many other places.You’ll find the same rubberized nylon frames on our fitover LED glasses. When an employee wears these, no one will even tell they’re fitting over existing glasses because they fit so snugly.For those wanting more stylized frames, the 808 model comes in various colors. With choices of red, white, or black frames, you have something for everyone’s own tastes.Metal Halide EyewearIf you’re new to metal halide lighting systems, they’re frequently used in hydroponic growing areas. However, you also see them used often in aquariums because of their high-intensity light discharge. These bulbs are known for their intense illumination, which can create problems in viewing indoor crops.If metal halide bulbs have great aesthetic quality, you need eyewear protection with as many aesthetic features. Our safety glasses for these bulbs are just as vital as the ones above, and we’ll soon be able to show you our inventory.What’s important to know is you can get the same features as you see above in our MH eyewear, including the same attention to durable and soft frame design.Here at Phillips Safety Products, we’ve become a true world leader for safety glasses, particularly in covering industries we’ve seen ignored for too long. Hydroponic growing is important for the future of our economy, so having workers who can grow crops accurately requires eyewear with full attention to subtle details.Contact us to learn more about grow room glasses and safety glasses for numerous industries.

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