Post: Phillips Safety Products Unveils a Game-Changer: Mirror Coating and Prescription Lenses in Borosilicate Lampworking Glasses with Borotruview 3.0 Filter

Phillips Safety Products Unveils a Game-Changer: Mirror Coating and Prescription Lenses in Borosilicate Lampworking Glasses with Borotruview 3.0 Filter

Phillips Safety Products, a renowned leader in protective eyewear for hot glass workers, is excited to announce a significant enhancement to their product line – the introduction of mirror coating and prescription lenses in their Borotruview 3.0 filter glasses for use with borosilicate glass. This breakthrough marks a new era in safety and clarity for artisans and professionals in glassworking.

The journey of safety eyewear in the glassworking industry began with the foundational use of didymium lenses. Initially, these lenses were the standard for protecting artisans from the bright flare of hot glass, offering a basic level of protection and improved visibility. However, as our understanding of the dangers associated with hot glass working deepened, particularly the risks posed by ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation emitted during the manipulation of borosilicate glass, the need for more comprehensive eye protection became evident. This realization spurred the development of advanced filters over time. The industry’s response was a series of innovations, leading to more sophisticated and effective lenses capable of providing enhanced protection against a broader spectrum of harmful radiation. These advancements have been crucial in safeguarding the vision and health of glassworkers, reflecting a growing commitment to safety in the face of evolving challenges in the craft.

The latest innovation from Phillips Safety Products isn’t just about safety; it’s also about style and comfort. Introducing mirror coatings on the borosilicate lampworking glasses brings a fun and stylish edge to safety gear. However, the benefits of these mirror coatings go beyond mere aesthetics. These coatings play a crucial role in reflecting more infrared (IR) light, which is particularly prevalent in hot glassworking environments. By effectively bouncing back IR radiation, these mirror-coated lenses significantly reduce eye strain, a common issue artisans face during long work hours. Phillips has elevated this feature by offering four vibrant mirror colors: gold, silver, blue, and red. Each color adds a personal touch to the eyewear and maintains the high standard of protection that glassworkers need. This blend of fashion and function marks a new stride in protective eyewear, offering glassworkers a chance to express their style without compromising safety.

Recognizing the unique needs of individual glassworkers, Phillips Safety Products has made a significant investment in manufacturing the necessary blank lenses to integrate the Borotruview 3.0 filter into prescription glasses. This advancement is a game-changer for professionals who require corrective eyewear. By offering the option to custom-make these specialized lenses into single-vision or progressive bifocal formats, Phillips caters to a wide range of prescription needs. This means that glassworkers no longer have to juggle between two pairs of glasses while working. Instead, they can enjoy the convenience and comfort of a single pair of glasses that not only corrects their vision but also provides the highest level of protection against the specific hazards of glassworking. This innovation underscores Phillips’ commitment to delivering safety solutions that do not compromise comfort or functionality, ensuring that every artisan can work efficiently and with assurance.


The Borotruview 3.0 lenses have emerged as one of the most popular filters in Phillips Safety Products’ lampworking eyewear range. Designed with precision, these lenses cater primarily to artisans working with borosilicate glass and soft glass workers seeking extra protection against ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. What sets the Borotruview 3.0 lenses apart is their ability to provide protection equivalent to a welding shade 3.0 lens while filtering out 99.99% of the sodium flare or yellow light. This unique feature allows glassworkers to see into the flame without the interference of intense flare, enhancing both safety and precision in their craft. Additionally, these lenses are engineered for accurate color recognition. This means they maintain the natural color spectrum, preventing any distortion of colors. Such clarity is vital for glassworkers who rely on accurate color perception for intricate designs and quality craftsmanship. The Borotruview 3.0 lenses are thus a testament to Phillips’ dedication to combining safety with functional excellence in glassworking.

Phillips Safety Products is proud to elevate eye protection standards in glassworking with their innovative mirror-coated and prescription borosilicate lampworking glasses featuring the Borotruview 3.0 filter. This leap forward exemplifies Phillips’ dedication to combining style, comfort, and unparalleled safety for glassworkers. They invite artisans to experience this new level of clarity and protection, affirming their position as a leader in advanced safety eyewear in the industry.

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