Post: Introducing the New Borotruview 2.0 Lenses at Phillips Safety

Introducing the New Borotruview 2.0 Lenses at Phillips Safety

We are excited to announce the arrival of the new Borotruview 2.0 lenses at Phillips Safety. These advanced lenses are a perfect blend of the Phillips sodium flare filter and the Borotruview 3.0, designed specifically for those working with borosilicate glass. Whether you’re a professional glassblower, lampworker, or simply passionate about working with glass, these lenses offer unparalleled protection and clarity.

Comprehensive UV and IR Protection

One of the standout features of the Borotruview 2.0 lenses is their superior UV and IR protection. These lenses offer protection equivalent to a Green IR 2.0 welding shade, making them ideal for various glassworking environments. This protection is crucial for safeguarding your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, which can cause long-term damage.

Ideal for Lampworking and Detailed Borosilicate Work

For lampworkers who handle soft glass, the Borotruview 2.0 lenses provide an extra layer of IR and UV protection. This is particularly beneficial for those who want to ensure their eyes are protected from the intense light and heat produced during their work. Additionally, these lenses are perfect for detailed borosilicate work, offering clarity and protection without compromising on precision.

A Must-Have for Glassblowers

Glassblowers will find the Borotruview 2.0 lenses indispensable. These lenses protect your eyes from the heat of the furnace and filter out the sodium flare, allowing you to see clearly inside the furnace. This clarity is crucial when gathering and shaping glass, ensuring you can work safely and efficiently.

Why Choose Borotruview 2.0?

Enhanced Clarity

Filters out sodium flare for a clear view.

UV and IR Protection

Equivalent to Green IR 2.0 welding shade.

Versatile Use

Suitable for soft glass and borosilicate work.


Built to withstand the rigors of glassworking environments.

The Perfect Combination for Glassworkers

The Borotruview 2.0 lenses are a unique combination that caters to a wide range of glassworking activities. Here’s what makes them stand out:

a combination of

This feature is essential for soft glass working. It effectively filters out the yellow sodium flare that emanates from the glass when exposed to a torch. This ensures a clearer, more comfortable view, allowing for precise and detailed work.

Specifically designed for those working with borosilicate glass, these lenses provide excellent protection and visibility. They help reduce eye strain and enhance the quality of your work by offering a clearer view through the flame.


The new Borotruview 2.0 lenses at Phillips Safety are a game-changer for anyone working with glass. Combining advanced flare filtering with superior UV and IR protection, these lenses ensure that you can work safely and see clearly. Whether you’re a lampworker, glassblower, or working with borosilicate glass, the Borotruview 2.0 lenses are the perfect addition to your safety gear. Visit Phillips Safety today to get your pair and experience the difference!

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