Post: Why Do You Need Lampworking Glasses?

Why Do You Need Lampworking Glasses?

Bright light, especially when it’s consistent, can cause a lot of safety issues and damage your eyes at the same time. This is especially true regarding lampworking and ensuring you have the right safety glasses. In lampworking, you tend to work with high heat and bright lights. This means if you’re not protecting your vision and have visual clarity, you can end up harming yourself or others with molten glass.

On top of that, glass-blowing glasses can help protect your eyes from constant exposure to harmful UV and infrared radiation. Beyond protection against radiation, you will also help reduce your eye strain and general eye fatigue when wearing the best safety glasses for glass lampworking. This makes it absolutely essential to ensure you have the right eyewear when you’re busy with it.


First, it’s all about getting the right fit and comfort with your frame style. There’s also the possibility with some of our options to get them as prescription glass-blowing glasses as well. Then it comes to the right lens material type, typically didymium glasses for glass blowing. This is where you get that protection from the sodium flare common with lampworking. It’s also where you get that rich purple / rose color on the lenses as well. 

Then it’s about the type of glasswork you’re doing, whether it’s with larger glass pieces or if you’re looking to be able to work with smaller pieces and with various colors. We help to differentiate the key points here with our ever-growing collection of some of the best safety glasses for glass lampworking. 

We also cover areas if you’re working with soft glass or more in a furnace setting. We carry sodium flare polycarbonate, BoroTrueView options, as well as Phillips 202-based lenses.


Once you find yourself with the right pair or pairs of safety glasses for lampworking, ensure you’re taking care of them properly. The lenses come from rare earth materials that need to be cleaned properly with a microfiber cloth and specialized cleaning solutions. 

You can always use warm water consistently, but always make sure to avoid boiling water and abrasive cleaning solutions as they will damage the lenses and reduce their efficacy. Always store your lampworking glasses in their included cases to ensure they are protected when not in use. 

As any glass artist knows, it’s key to be able to be protected but still clearly see the beauty that they are creating. So take a look today at our offering and make sure you find yourself the right pair for the type of work you’re doing, and don’t get yourself harmed by the flame glare that could temporarily affect your vision while you’re working on the glass itself. 

You need your eyes in perfect working condition to continue your craft, and that starts with using some of the best safety glasses for glass lampworking out there.

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Our lampworking experts will be able to tell you what you need for your application.