Wiley X Lead Glasses by Phillips Safety Products come standard with .75mm Pb Schott SF-6 Leaded Lenses. While still offering the design and high quality you come to know from the Wiley X Frames. Wiley X radiation glasses are available in non-prescription lenses, or you can customize them with prescription lenses.

All our lead lenses can come standard, or you can add our Permanent Anti Fog coating or our Anti Reflective Coating, whatever works best for your application. If you are a doctor, nurse, or technician working in an x-ray lab, cath lab, hospital, dental office, or anywhere needing radiation protection Wiley X Leaded glasses would be a great option.

First and foremost a safety item, lead glasses can protect your eyes from radiation without having to be uncomfortable or dull. Here at Phillips Safety you get the best of both worlds with Wiley X lead radiation glasses: protection, on one hand, and comfort on the other – and all of that is available with the style you like the most.

Wiley X lead glasses are made of high-quality polycarbonate, thus providing lightweight comfort with distortion-free for all day use. You can choose your favorite one within models Airrage, Boss, Brick, Gravity, Peak, P-17, and many others, all of which have their own variety of colors.

Besides their high-quality frames, the lenses of these glasses also feature anti radiation lens technology. All Wiley X anti radiation glasses are equipped with the best radiation protection lenses there are. Made of SF-6 Schott Glass, they are distortion-free and feature 0.75 millimeters of lead equivalency.

Furthermore, Wiley X radiation-reducing lenses from Phillips Safety are CE approved and are available with prescription if needed. Correctly wearing these German-made radiation filtering lead glass lenses assures that your eyes will be shielded from dangerous radiation and from the consequences of exposure to it.


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Buying your lead radiation glasses from a reliable source is a fundamental step to make sure that the glasses you have indeed offer lead protection. Phillips Safety has been a leading reference in the optical business for over 100 years, fully committed to equipping customers with safety eye gear that protects them in harsh environments. Our lead protection glasses collection provides guaranteed eye protection against radiation.

If you take your X ray glasses to an optician they will also be able to analyze and verify if the glasses are anti-radiation. In addition, radiation glasses are usually a little heavier than regular glasses, which is a hint that helps with indicating if what you have are lead protection glasses. Nonetheless, Wiley X anti radiation glasses at Phillips Safety provide the perfect balance between weight, comfort, protection, and style.


Properly cleaning your Wiley X lead glasses is essential to maintain the lifetime of your radiation glasses. While using your radiation glasses Wiley X daily, they may get dirty in a variety of ways, so it is important to know how to clean your Wiley X lead radiation glasses.

WIiley X radiation safety lead glasses are amazing because of their special lenses, and cleaning them the wrong way can permanently damage your radiation glasses and compromise your safety.

The first step to prolonging the life of your Wiley X lead glasses is monitoring them for dirtiness and damage. If your radiation reducing lenses are dirty, it can impact your vision. It is important to check your radiation glasses lens every day to ensure they have not become too dirty.



The microfiber cloth will be gentle on your glasses and will prevent them from getting scratched.


The cleaning solution is to clean and disinfect your Wiley X lead glasses with, wiping away dirt and debris.


Submerge your Wiley X glasses under running temperature room water and add non abrasive dish soap. Let it dry.

Wiley X radiation glasses provide eye protection against radiation through their distortion-free SF-6 Schott Glass radiation-reducing lenses with 0.75 millimeters of lead equivalency.

Wiley X radiation glasses are worn in a variety of contexts, most related to the medical field. For protection against radiation, lead glasses are worn in hospitals, operating theaters, medical imaging, radiology laboratories, catheter labs, dental and veterinary facilities. In those contexts, radiation glasses act as x-ray protection shields for your eyes.

Our goal at Phillips Safety is to provide customers with radiation glasses that provide the highest protection against x-ray. That being said, our Wiley X leaded glasses cost $260, with many options to choose from. Added features such as prescription and lens coatings can bring up the price of your safety glasses. However, these features are provided at the best price in the market.

Yes, they do. All the lenses of our radiation glasses meet rigorous safety standards, featuring CE certification.

The shipping of Wiley X radiation glasses usually takes between 3 and 5 business days. Prescription orders from Phillips Safety take between 7 and 10 business days to be completed and shipped. This is the same for all prescription safety glasses. For more information about estimated delivery times, please contact us on our chat, e-mail us at service@phillips-safety.com, or call us at 1-866-575-1307. Phillips Safety is committed to getting your order out quickly and efficiently while doing proper quality control.

Yes, they do. All Wiley X radiation glasses at Phillips Safety come with a case for their protection.

To choose the right Wiley X lead glasses for you, first you need to check the lead equivalency of the lens of the anti radiation eyewear. The standard of the industry for lead equivalency of radiation glasses is 0.75 mm PbEq. At Phillips Safety, you can check that information in the description of each product or on the “Protection Level” attribute under the “Product Information” tab.

The best and easiest way to buy Wiley X leaded glasses is online. Companies like Phillips Safety are dedicated to providing the best lead safety glasses at affordable prices and quick delivery.