Post: Radiation Safety glasses: Exploring Your Options

Radiation Safety glasses: Exploring Your Options

It’s important to wear the proper eyewear when you work with radiation, which is why you should spend the time finding the perfect pair of radiation safety glasses. By considering all of your options, you’ll be able to figure out the best pair for your situation to suit your individual needs.

Radiation In the Medical Field

In the medical world, radiation serves as a key role in diagnosing and treating diseases. From testing to heart catheterization, the technology provides doctors with the ability to help people in the most amazing ways. It’s involved not only in tests like X-rays and CT scans but can also be injected, inhaled, or even swallowed in nuclear testing.Of course, it can also be dangerous. Any medical professional knows that radiation as a whole must be handled with the utmost care. And even then, you still have to be careful of overexposure. This is particularly true when you are a doctor or nurse working with hundreds of patients a week, conducting testing and treatments that involve radiation. To keep yourself safe, it’s vital to get the right pair of radiation safety glasses that you know are going to be reliable and serve you well in your job.

Style and Function

It might not be your first consideration, but it’s an undeniably important variable. When looking for your radiation safety glasses, you know that you need a sufficient safety rating and functionality. But how important is the style of the glasses?For example, if you are looking for a pair of glasses that will simply fit overtop of your regular prescription glasses, you can find a pair like these Fitover Radiation Glasses that will focus on protecting your eyes while also allowing you to see clearly while wearing your regular prescription glasses. Professionals of both genders will find an option that fits their stylistic needs, from basic black to tortoise.Or, if you’d rather not have to worry about putting safety glasses overtop of your current glasses, consider getting a pair of radiation safety glasses that already include your current prescription. Whether you need single vision safety glasses or bifocals, your needs can be accommodated. And if you would happen to need a very strong prescription, you can even find radiation safety glasses that have been designed to accommodate these vision needs.

The Safe Style of Nike

If you want a pair of safety glasses that will not only protect your eyes but also be low in weight and come with a stylish look, consider the Nike radiation safety glasses. With this pair, you’re going to get the quality and durability that is synonymous with Nike products, along with a pair of safety glasses that your colleagues will envy.You can pick the material you want, like plastic or metal, choose if you want two-tone or retro, and there is even a special section for women. No matter what style of glasses you pick, you can wear them while you are working in the lab as well as during a night out. In other words, they fit into every situation. And when you work with a lot of people, it’s always nice to feel confident and comfortable while you are interacting with patients, while still being able to provide your eyes with the much-needed protection from radiation.

Military Precision from Wiley X

If you are interested in another great name brand of radiation safety glasses, take a closer look at our Wiley X lines. Wiley X has been around since 1987 and began making a name for itself by creating eyewear for the military.As a result, you can rest assured that after 30 years of working with the military, you can also benefit from the same type of durability for your individual needs. The brand offers several styles, which tend to come in a variety of colors. In other words, you’ll be sure to find a pair that you like.However, even for many professionals, one of the most important features of any radiation safety glasses is the price. Luckily, the eyewear we offer is flexible in that regard as well. When you browse through the economy frames, you’ll find glasses that are going to be more cost-effective while still providing a baseline of safety.Be sure to see your eye doctor before you buy a pair of radiation safety glasses. That allows you to get a comprehensive eye exam, determining whether you need a new or updated prescription. In addition, a visit to your eye doctor can ensure your eyes’ health, and that you aren’t already experiencing damage due to overexposure to radiation.After you’ve had your eyes checked, ask for measurements in order to get a pair of radiation safety glasses that will fit your face perfectly. The last thing you want to do is get a pair of radiation safety glasses that, due to an imperfect fit, still leave your eyes exposed to radiation.When it comes to protecting your eyes from the hazards of radiation, you need to take your time and explore your options. By finding the perfect pair of radiation glasses, you’ll be able to perform your job and keep your eyes safe.When you work in the medical field, you are doing amazing things every day, helping to save and improve the lives of your patients. You deserve to have a pair of radiation safety glasses work just as hard as you do. To see our inventory or to ask any additional questions you might have, please contact us.Yours in writing,

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