Prescription Lampworking Safety Glasses

Phillips Safety Products is the industry leader in Prescription Hot Glass Working Safety Glasses. Whether lampworking or working with hot glass, you’ll want to protect your eyes from the harmful light that these materials emit. To solve this, we have developed the Phillips’ Sodium Flare Polycarbonate lenses with the prescription right in the main lens! Available in Single Vision or Progressive No-Line Bifocals, you can order the prescription just like your regular glasses. Where fit-overs can be clumsy and a hassle to wear, these are the same weight, size and protective level of non-prescription glasses in the frame you like!

Most of our large selection of frames can be made with these special prescription lenses. Click on the Link below to browse our frames, select the one that fits your needs and style, and, after you pick your color, click on “Buy with Prescription.” 

Thank you for your interest in Phillips Safety Prescription Hot Glass Safety glasses, and if you have any questions or concerns our safety specialists are available all day to help.

Popular Prescription Lampworking Styles

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