Post: New Super Magenta Drop-In Welding Lenses

New Super Magenta Drop-In Welding Lenses

Ever wonder why there don’t seem to be any lenses that give you good vision while welding?

New Super Magenta Drop-In Welding Lenses

Typical green welding lenses offer you protection from the things you need protection from during welding – infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays. These are invisible and incredibly dangerous to your eyes. Green lenses also protect you from the harsh, bright visible light coming from a torch – but they don’t help you see your work very well through the harsh yellow and orange flares.

Our new Super Magenta drop-in welding lenses are the solution to this lack of optimal vision. These are meant to be used ONLY in conjunction with your existing welding lens. Insert the Super Magenta drop-in lens behind your current lens in your helmet and you’ll have a whole new welding experience. The magenta virtually eliminates the harsh orange and yellow flares that impede your vision, while enhancing the color contrast and visible spectrum of the remaining colors, giving you unprecedented visual acuity while you work.

The response we’ve had to this lens has been spectacular. Welders have been incredibly impressed with their ability to see their work. Better vision means better welding, and better welding means better pay for your work.

Because this lens is inserted behind the welding lens, it should last as long as you’re willing to take care of it. This lens should NEVER be used for welding without a green welding lens on top of it, and the green lens should always be placed in front to protect the soft acrylic from pitting. When not in use, the acrylic lens should be stored in its own case or sleeve. If it’s stored in a toolbox with other tools rolling around, it’s bound to get scratched or cracked. Because this lens only adds about a half shade to the darkness of your current lens, we recommend using your regular welding shade with it.

If you have any questions about this new lens, give us a call or leave a comment below! We’re excited to hear what our welders have to say about it, too, so if you’re using this lens, let us know how much you like it!

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