Post: What to Wear During Fluoroscopy

What to Wear During Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy is a crucial medical imaging technique that grants real-time visualization of internal structures using X-rays. While immensely valuable diagnostically, it also poses risks due to radiation exposure, not just to patients but also to the technicians performing the procedure. Ensuring adequate protection through appropriate attire and gear is paramount in minimizing these risks.

Understanding Radiation Exposure

Unlike conventional X-ray imaging, fluoroscopy involves prolonged exposure to radiation, elevating the absorbed dose for both patients and technicians. Therefore, investing in radiation protective wear is indispensable for those involved in conducting these procedures.

Essential Protective Gear

Lead Apron: A lead apron is the cornerstone of radiation protection attire for fluoroscopy technicians. Its dense material effectively shields against harmful radiation, safeguarding vital organs from potential damage.

Thyroid Shield: Given the proximity of the thyroid gland to the radiation source, wearing a leaded thyroid shield is imperative. This specialized gear provides targeted protection to this sensitive area, reducing the risk of radiation-induced thyroid disorders.

Lead Gloves: Hands are particularly vulnerable to radiation exposure during fluoroscopy procedures. Lead gloves offer crucial protection, preventing radiation from penetrating through the skin and causing harm.

Leaded Eyewear: Eyes are highly susceptible to radiation damage. Hence, wearing leaded eyewear is non-negotiable for fluoroscopy technicians. These specialized glasses effectively block radiation, shielding the eyes from potential harm.

When it comes to outfitting your medical facility with radiation protection gear, Phillips Safety Products stands out as a trusted provider offering a comprehensive range of high-quality products:

Phillips Safety Products offers an extensive selection of radiation-blocking eyewear, including metal frames, plastic frames, wrap-around frames, and more. With CE-approved options available, you can ensure compliance with European safety standards.

These innovative barriers feature leaded windows mounted on rolling frames, providing on-the-go protection wherever it’s needed. Available in various sizes, they offer versatility without compromising safety.

Custom-made radiation shielding glass tailored to your specifications ensures optimal protection while maintaining clarity for effective visualization during procedures.

Organizational accessories such as apron and coat racks streamline workflow and ensure the proper storage of radiation protection equipment. Additionally, lead markers facilitate precise imprinting on X-ray images, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.


In the realm of fluoroscopy, prioritizing radiation safety is paramount for both patients and healthcare professionals. Equipping technicians with adequate protective gear not only mitigates the risks associated with radiation exposure but also fosters a culture of safety within the medical facility. With Phillips Safety Products’ comprehensive range of radiation protection solutions, you can uphold the highest standards of safety and ensure optimal outcomes for all involved.

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