Post: What to Wear During Fluoroscopy

What to Wear During Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technology that allows, through the use of X-rays, a view in real time of a patient’s internal structure. It is an advanced and highly productive diagnostic tool. Although the process requires a low dose of radiation, it takes longer to accomplish than a simple X-ray photo and therefore exposes the patient to a relatively high absorbed dose of radiation.

Fluoroscopy Clothing and Radiation Protective Wear

Technicians involved in this process also risk exposure and must properly equip themselves for the task. Protective gear for the Fluoroscopy technician includes:

  • A lead apron
  • A thyroid shield
  • Lead gloves
  • Leaded eyewear

Phillips Safety Products offers a complete line of radiation protection gear to equip your staff and your office. Our radiation safety products offer the highest attenuation ratings on the market, and many of our eyewear styles are CE-approved for use in Europe. Radiation protection items include:


Metal frames, plastic frames, wrap-around frames, economy frames, face shields, goggles…you name it, we likely carry it. And all of our standard radiation glasses (except for the Wiley X models) are available in prescription. You can order your prescription radiation glasses as single vision, lined bifocals, or progressive bifocals. Whether you require corrective eyewear or not, you can now enjoy clear vision and full radiation protection with eyewear selections from Phillips Safety Products.

Mobile Radiation Barriers

Our mobile barriers are equipped with leaded windows mounted in rolling frames, so you always have protection where and when you need it. They are available in a variety of sizes.

Radiation Shielding Glass

We fabricate custom-made radiation shielding glass to your specific requirements.

Racks and Markers

We carry a line of apron and coat racks specifically designed to organize your office and radiation equipment. We also offer a customizable hard-plastic lead marker system for imprinting your X-ray images.Visit the radiation section of our webpage for all your radiation-protection needs.

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