Post: Laser Safety Glasses: More Than A Safety Component

Laser Safety Glasses: More Than A Safety Component

Laser systems are used in a variety of industries, and it is important that everyone is properly protected from laser radiation. When working with high-powered lasers and laser systems, there are some safety precautions that you will need to take in order to be safe.

Do Not Forget Your Laser Safety Glasses

With the great amount of damage that lasers can cause to your eyes, you should always make sure you are wearing the proper laser safety glasses. Selecting the right laser safety glasses is one of the most important precautions you should take. You will be able to find helpful laser information on the laser safety glasses you will be using.If your facility has a laser safety officer, you can consult with him or her to gain the information you need about the laser. The laser safety glasses will also have optical density measurements and the range of the wavelength on the laser safety glasses. The optical density of laser safety glasses will block any light that will be transmitted from a certain wavelength.When your laser safety glasses have a high optical density, your laser safety glasses will be able to block more light from the wavelength. It is not uncommon to wear a pair of laser safety glasses that have a higher optical density than what has been recommended in the laser’s manual. If you are looking for more protection, it will be acceptable to purchase laser safety glasses with a greater optical density.You should wear your laser safety glasses during the entire time you are using the laser. You should not remove the glasses while lasers are being used because this can lead to damage to your eyes and other harmful effects.

Why Do You Need Laser Safety Glasses?

  • Laser safety glasses are used to protect your eye tissues from the dangerous rays and lights that are found in lasers.
  • Using the right protection when you are working with lasers will significantly reduce all the risks that are involved with using lasers. If you truly want to protect yourself and others, you should choose the best laser safety glasses your workplace can afford.
  • Laser safety glasses are more than a safety measure or a safety component. Wearing laser safety glasses should be a requirement in the industries of medical, research, dental, cosmetic, etc.
  • Many laser treatments in the medical industry involve an individual’s face. Since many laser treatments happen in the facial area, the eyes will be at a high risk of being exposed to the lasers.

Do Not Ignore The Regulations and Guidelines

When lasers are being used in any setting, it is important that all laser safety standards are followed. There is a standard established by many facilities that require them to comply with the American National Standards Institute(ANSI) standards. The ANSI Z136.3 standards are intended for anyone who will work with lasers that are Class 3 and Class 4. If you have any questions about the type of lasers you use or if your facility is required to comply with the standards that have been established by ANSI, we suggest that you consult with your facility’s LSO(Laser Safety Officer).

Training Is Key

Anyone who has to work with a laser of high power should have gone through the right education courses and the proper training courses. We all know how quickly accidents can happen in any setting. When lasers are being used, accidents can result in damaged vision or the complete loss of vision. When those who are using lasers have been properly trained, the risk of a laser accident occurring will be reduced. Someone who has received the proper education and training will have a clear understanding of how to use the laser correctly. Someone who has been properly trained will know how to hold the laser and where to position the laser.

Store Your Glasses In The Proper Place

When you are using laser safety glasses and laser equipment, they should be stored in a proper location. Your protective laser glasses should be kept in a safety glasses case so they will remain free of dust, scratches, etc. You can find a variety of storage locations and dispensers that will give you the ability to keep multiple laser safety glasses in one location. If any part of laser safety glasses become damaged, you may not get the level of protection you need.

Make Sure Everyone Is Aware 

If you want to make sure everyone is aware of the risks in your facility, you should use proper warning signs. Warning signs should be visible in the areas that use lasers. The signs should be clear and easy to read. The signs should be placed in areas that anyone will be able to see, such as the entrance to your facility. You can also post a sign that will make everyone aware of the type of items they should avoid wearing when lasers are being used.We know the process of choosing laser safety glasses can be a challenging process because you want to select the best possible laser safety glasses, right? We also know that it can be difficult to implement and follow the proper standards and guidelines, especially if some of your staff members are not aware of what they are.This is why it is important that everyone who will use lasers has been properly trained and have the experience that is needed to use them properly. Risks will be greatly reduced when the proper measures are implemented and followed by everyone. While it is critically important that laser safety glasses are used, it is also important that the proper standards and regulations are followed.If you need help simplifying your laser safety glasses selection process, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for one or multiple laser safety glasses, please do not hesitate to contact us today with your questions or comments. In addition to reaching out to us, you should also consult with your facility’s laser safety officer.

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