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Safety Glasses for Kids

It is common knowledge that many adult professionals require safety glasses and goggles in order to safely carry out their work. That said, many people forget to consider the situations in which younger individuals might need to protect their eyes.There are actually quite a few instances that might require a child to wear safety eyewear. Unfortunately, without recognizing these situations, it is impossible to properly protect the kids in your life.Whether you are a parent, babysitter, grandparent, teacher, aunt or uncle, or even an older sibling, it is a given that you only want the best for the children you care for. Therefore, it is important to know and understand when these kids might require extra eye protection. This will help protect their eyes from damage, which could otherwise leave them injured, living with hindered eyesight, or even blind.So which situations call for safety eyewear for the young people you love? Listed below are the most common situations that might require a child to don some sort of safety glasses or goggles in order to be as safe as possible.


This one seems pretty obvious. After all, arrows flying quickly through the air very clearly pose an eye safety hazard. That said, very few archers wear anything at all to protect their eyes. This includes children, who should be the most protected people in our lives.


Swimming goggles should always be worn anytime a child will be spending time in the water. Natural bodies of water and swimming pools can both cause eye problems when certain microbes and chemicals are found in the water. A simple pair of swimming goggles can prevent these things from finding their way into your child’s eyes.

Racquet Sports

Easily one of the most hazardous types of sports in terms of eye safety, racquet sports of all kinds call for safety glasses of some sort. As you can imagine, being hit in the eye with a flying ball is never any fun, and considering the nature of these sports, this is something that can easily happen during a match.

Baseball and Basketball

Being two of the most popular sports out there, both baseball and basketball are the causes of numerous eye injuries each and every year. While baseball players do sometimes wear eye protection when they are playing as catcher or batter, this does not protect them from balls hit out into the field. Meanwhile, basketball players rarely wear protection of any kind, making them susceptible to all kinds of injuries.


Hockey is another one of those sports that involves an item flying through the air. Additionally, hockey can often become a pretty physical sport, adding to the danger of the game. Whether your young athlete plays street hockey or ice hockey, you will want to make sure they are wearing safety glasses.


Do you have a little chef on your hands? If so, congratulations! You are probably in for some culinary masterpieces. That said, you may want to take some special steps to protect your young cook. Popping grease can be a serious eye safety issue in the kitchen, and a simple pair of goggles and some adult supervision can save your little one from serious injury.

Winter Sports

It may sound completely ridiculous, but the sun can make snowboarding, skiing, and other winter sports a danger to your eyes. You see, even though it’s cold outside, the sun can still shine quite brightly. On top of that, the sun is reflected off the snow, making it even brighter. A pair of sports sunglasses can protect your kiddo’s eyes from the super bright light.


All kids like to ride bikes. It’s a great way to get somewhere quickly, and it provides a nice thrill along the way. As a responsible caregiver, you likely already require that the young people in your life wear helmets while riding their bikes. However, you may not insist of safety eyewear when they head out for a ride.Unfortunately, bike riding can actually cause eye damage. This is especially true if your child tends to ride fast. Debris in the air can find its way into the rider’s eyes, causing irritation and injury. You can prevent this by investing in a simple pair of cycling glasses.

Outdoor Play

Even something as simple as playing outside can pose a danger to a child’s eyes in certain conditions. However, this definitely doesn’t mean you should deny your kids the pleasure of playing in the great outdoors. Instead, offer your kids sunglasses when the sun is especially bright.

Home Laser Shows

Nifty products that display stars and even holiday lights on your walls at home are becoming more and more popular. These things are very cool when used properly. Unfortunately, they can also be damaging to the eye if used improperly. Because we can’t always predict what our children will do next, it is important to protect your little one’s eyes anytime you use one of these projectors. A child-sized pair of laser glasses can be purchased for just this purpose.

Of course, this list isn’t complete. There are numerous other activities your little one may take part in that could be dangerous for their eyes. By paying attention and using your common sense, you are likely to easily spot these dangers.Looking for a place to purchase the tools needed to keep your kid’s eyes as safe as possible? Here at Phillips Safety Products, we have many of the glasses and goggles you may find yourself needing. Be sure to look around and contact us if you have any questions.

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