Post: Radiation Safety for Nuclear Medicine

Radiation Safety for Nuclear Medicine

Wondering what kind of radiation safety apparel you need for nuclear medicine?

Radiation Safety for Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine typically does not require radiation safety apparel for doctors and staff. If you are looking for radiation safety equipment, it’s probably for use in x-ray labs, not nuclear medicine.Our radiation safety equipment is primarily used by doctors and staff in fluoroscopy and x-ray labs. It ranges from radiation safety eyewear to leaded aprons, mobile x-ray barriers, and even lead markers for use in x-ray. If you are looking for this sort of radiation protection from x-rays, we have what you need.While radiation safety for nuclear medicine may not be something you need apparel for, here’s what we offer for radiation protection from x-rays:

  • Leaded eyewear. Radiation safety glasses in prescription and non-prescription are offered with a 0.75mm Pb equivalency.
  • Leaded apparel. From aprons to thyroid collars and gloves, radiation safety apparel is essential for instances where your entire body will be exposed to x-rays, especially if it happens regularly.
  • Leaded apron racks and glove racks. Our apron racks and glove racks are assembled in-house by experts and are powder coated for easy sterilization and a clean look.
  • Mobile lead barriers. Our lead barriers are constructed and designed in-house with fluoroscopy departments and hospitals in mind. They have 2.0mm Pb equivalency throughout and are available on casters.
  • Radiation safety windows. Our windows are customizable to specific sizes and shapes or can be purchased in stock sizes. They attenuate radiation safety while remaining completely clear.

If you need radiation safety, our product line is geared towards you. We are proud to offer a full line of radiation safety equipment for protection against harmful x-ray radiation.Our radiation safety line may not be for nuclear medicine, but it is for x-ray radiation protection. If you are looking for radiation safety for nuclear medicine, we expect you won’t find much, as most nuclear medicine does not require radiation safety equipment like x-ray radiation does.If you have any question about radiation safety or what’s right for your application, please don’t hesitate to call us or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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