Post: Our New White Fitover Leaded Glasses

Our New White Fitover Leaded Glasses

Our newest color of fitover lead glasses is in: the RG-33 in white.

Fitover Leaded Glasses Now in White!

The RG-33 Fitover Leaded Glasses have been some of our most popular lead glasses frames for years, and for some time now we’ve had requests for a white color to fit the atmosphere of many fluoroscopy labs. Without further adieu, we’d like to introduce you to our newest lead glasses frame: the white fitover.

The RG-33 fitover is a leaded eyewear frame that fits over your existing prescription glasses or reading glasses. It is used by many physicians worldwide who need to wear corrective eyewear during their fluoroscopy procedures but don’t want to get a pair of prescription lead glasses. This frame fits over almost any style of prescription glasses, is lightweight, and has all of the high-quality leaded eyewear features that have made our lead glasses so popular.

The RG-33 has several qualities that make it stand apart from other leaded eyewear:

  • It fits over existing eyewear, allowing you to use lead glasses without spending the extra money on a pair in prescription.
  • It comes in black, tortoise, and white frame colors.
  • It features optical-quality Schott SF-6 lead lenses with a 0.75mm lead equivalency.
  • The RG-33 has an ergonomic fit, making it one of the most comfortable and light-feeling pairs of lead glasses around.
  • Like all of our leaded eyewear, the RG-33 is constructed of durable, lightweight, and rugged frame materials, ensuring that your fitover lead glasses serve you for years to come.

Leaded eyewear should be comfortable, ergonomic, and a pleasure to use. Because of the added weight of leaded lenses, it is especially important to distribute the weight of the front of the eyewear correctly so the glasses do not create pressure points or discomfort after long periods of use. Working in a fluoroscopy lab while distracted by your uncomfortable eyewear could prove disastrous for a patient.

The RG-33 fitover lead glasses give you the comfort you need with the added flexibility of accommodating prescription eyewear beneath them. If you are searching for leaded eyewear that is comfortable, long-lasting, and versatile, the RG-33 is right for you. Shop All Laser Safety Googles and Glasses Here!

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