Post: Our New Line of Nuclear Medicine Safety Protective Equipment

Our New Line of Nuclear Medicine Safety Protective Equipment

Is your nuclear medicine department lacking some essential equipment?

Our New Line of Protective Equipment for Nuclear Medicine Safety

If you need protection from things like gamma-emitting radionucleotides, nuclear waste, x-rays, radioisotopes, or radioisotope-contaminated sharps, we manufacture a huge variety of solutions to fit your facility’s needs. We manufacture all of the essentials needed to protect from various nuclear hazards, as well as custom equipment designed to fit unique or unusual needs.We are proud to manufacture L-Block Shields, L-Block Shield Lead Caves, Dose Calibrator Shields, Shielded Waste Decay Barrels, Shielded Waste Containers, Rectangular Lead Containers, Lead-Lined Storage Safes, Shielded Sharps Containers, and Shielded Generator Containment Cabinets in-house in our facility in New Jersey, USA.If you need nuclear medicine safety protective equipment, our line of custom and standard equipment includes many things your facility may need, and all of our items are customizable:

  • L-Block Shields and L-Block Shield Lead Caves: Our shields and shield lead caves come in any thickness of lead and feature solid lead encased in steel. Because we manufacture them, custom designs are available, but our stock line features many choices for size and shape.
  • Dose Calibrator Shields: Our Dose Calibrator Shields come in any thickness of lead and come in custom designs to suit your needs.
  • Shielded Waste Decay Barrels: We offer any size barrel, any thickness of lead shielding, any size or location of drop-port hole, and various custom designs for shielded waste decay barrels. These barrels come in a huge assortment of sizes and shieldedness from our standard selection to suit most needs.
  • Shielded Waste Containers: Our shielded waste container features 0.25″ lead shielding and a convenient stainless steel sliding drawer design. The unique lid prevents those disposing of waste from being exposed to the contents within the container. This comes in standard and custom sizes and features handles on the lid for easy removal.
  • Rectangular Lead Containers: Our rectangular lead containers come in any thickness of lead shielding, any size, and in custom designs. The hinged door has two heavy-duty handles and the ability to be locked.
  • Lead-Lined Storage Safe: Our lead-lined storage safe is lockable and features two inches of lead shielding. The safe is designed with an adjustable shelf and can be moved with a pallet jack.
  • Shielded Sharps Containers: Our shielded sharps containers come with 0.5″ and 1.0″ lead shielding and feature a key-lockable hinged top and convenient lifting handles. These protect contaminated sharps and create a safe and convenient disposal solution.
  • Shielded Generator Containment Cabinets: Our cabinets are designed to shield generators in a nuclear pharmacy. The cabinet is constructed of stainless steel with 0.5″ lead shielding within. There is a storage shelf beneath the containment area with a storage shelf that can be ordered with or without doors. We can design and manufacture custom containment cabinets to fit your specific needs.
  • Apparel: We carry leaded apparel ranging from eyewear and prescription glasses to aprons and gloves. We also manufacture storage solutions for apparel designed to fit the needs of radiology and fluoroscopy departments.
  • Mobile Lead Barriers: We manufacture mobile lead barriers with leaded viewing windows, enabling those in a room with dangerous x-rays to be shielded without leaving.

Nuclear medicine safety protective equipment, where needed, is essential to the safe operation of a facility and the safety of employees. In addition to what you see here, we can manufacture completely new, custom items for your facility. Just contact us, and we’ll make sure our expert engineers can design a solution that suits your facility.We manufacture the highest quality nuclear protective equipment, right here in the United States. If you’re looking for confident protection, peace of mind, and craftsmanship, please contact us to let us know your needs. You can call our sales department or leave a comment below to discuss your facility’s requirements.

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