Post: Nike Leaded Glasses New at Phillips Safety

Nike Leaded Glasses New at Phillips Safety

This entry was posted on September 26, 2013, by Phillips Safety.

Looking for stylish and comfortable radiation safety glasses?

New at Phillips Safety: Nike Leaded Glasses

Here at Phillips Safety, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer safety eyewear that sets the bar not only for excellence in safety, but also for comfort, style, and attraction. This new line adds to that credo.

Our Nike Leaded Glasses are our newest line of name-brand radiation safety glasses. They come in some of Nike’s most popular styles and offer all of the radiation protection of our other leaded glasses.

Nike Leaded Glasses are a great choice for radiation safety for several reasons:

  • They are comfortable and lightweight, so you can work long hours in safety without the discomfort of bruising or sliding on your nose and temples.
  • They are extremely versatile, capable of being worn all day when you’re in and out of procedures due to their popular use as regular prescription glasses and their attractive style.
  • Nike Leaded Glasses are pleasing to patients. Your patients and coworkers will not be thrown off or aversive to your safety glasses like many were to the old radiation goggles that were huge and clunky.
  • Nike Lead Glasses offer all of the protection that our customers have come to trust from our leaded glasses: 0.75mm lead equivalency optical-quality glass lenses with ample side protection.

Our selection of Nike Leaded Glasses features some of their most popular wraparound, metal, plastic, and “streetwear” styles for all face types and desired looks

We’ve come a long way from huge, heavy fitovers and dangerously uncomfortable styles. This new line of Nike Lead Glasses marks another milestone in our quest to provide you with the highest quality and most attractive radiation safety eyewear possible.

We hope you enjoy checking out the new Nike styles, and we’re proud to have teamed up with Nike on this venture. Keep an eye out for new brands and styles in the upcoming months, and happy shopping!

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