Post: New Mobile Lead Apron Racks Available

New Mobile Lead Apron Racks Available

Need an apron rack that moves with you?

New Mobile Lead Apron Racks Available

Our mobile lead apron racks are the perfect complement to radiologists and fluoroscopy on the go. Mobile lead apron racks are basically a sturdy hanging pole on casters with special hangers suited to keeping aprons hanging while on the move.

Our new mobile lead apron racks are made in the USA, in our facility right in the state of New Jersey. Our expert team of engineers and fabricators designed and manufacture these racks to stay sturdy with years of use and the weight of many lead aprons.

If you’re looking a lead apron rack that’s as mobile as you are, here’s why ours is great:

  • Our mobile lead apron racks feature a secure, all-steel design capable of holding up to 300 pounds worth of leaded apparel.
  • We designed our mobile lead apron racks to be on the move: they come on industrial casters and are sturdily constructed for years of moving with the weight of leaded apparel.
  • All of our mobile lead apron racks come with five closed hangers with end-flares to keep your aprons secure on the rack, even during fast moves.
  • We carry additional open and closed end-flared hangers to add additional aprons, thyroid collars, and other apparel to your apron rack.
  • Adding and removing closed hangers is easy: simply remove one of the bolts on either end of the bar, slide the bar out, and add or remove hangers! When you’re done, replace the bar and bolt and you’re on your way.

If you’re in radiology and need to be mobile, our lead apron racks are a great solution for you.

Don’t get caught showing up to a procedure covered in sweat from a brisk walk with lead aprons on your back! Invest in one of our mobile lead apron racks and move through your facility with comfort and ease.

If you have any questions about our mobile lead apron racks, whether they’re right for you, or how to order, simply give us a call or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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