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Mobile Leaded Barriers

X-Ray Mobile Leaded Barriers

2.0mm or 1/16” Lead Equivalency Schott Glass Window
Phillips Safety X-Ray mobile leaded barriers are manufactured in-house utilizing high quality German Schott Glass Windows with a 2.0mm or 1/16” lead equivalency to ensure users will have ample protection against scattered X-Ray radiation.

The clear viewing window allows users to have an unobstructed view behind the barrier for optimum protection. Standard leaded barrier windows are available in the sizes listed below. Custom sizes and available upon request.

Standard Leaded Barrier Window, Opaque Panel and Overall sizes

SCHOTT Glass Window Height x Width
in Inches
Window & PanelLead EquivalencyOpaque Panel Height in InchesOverall SizeHeight x Width
in Inches
24  x  302.0 mm4875  x  33.5LB2430
48  x  302.0 mm2475  x  33.5LB4830
30  x  482.0 mm4275  x  52.5LB3048
60  x  302.0 mm1275  x  33.5LB3060
36  x  482.0 mm3675  x  52.5LB3648
36  x  722.0 mm3675  x  75.5LB3672

Neutral Color
Phillips Safety X-Ray mobile barriers are a neutral creamy beige color that will compliment any decor. Additional and custom colors are available upon request.

2.0mm or 1/16” Lead Equivalency Throughout Barrier
2.0mm or 1/16” Lead Equivalency is throughout the entire Phillips Safety X-Ray mobile barrier to provide the user with ample protection against scatter radiation.

2.0mm or 1/16” Lead Equivalency Opaque Panel
Phillips Safety X-Ray mobile barrier has an opaque panel with a 2.0mm or 1/16” thick lead sheet between the steel plates that provides the user protection against X-Ray scattered radiation.

Sixteen Gauge Power Coated Steel Frame
Sturdy 16 gauge power coated steel frame with welded joints and brace to ensure strength and performance of the Phillips Safety X-Ray mobile barrier.

Stainless Steel Locking Casters
Heavy duty stainless steel casters can be locked into place and easily unlocked to glide the X-Ray mobile barrier on it’s wheels to a different position in your room or to another location.

Shipped Fully Assembled & Securely Crated
Phillips Safety portable radiation X-Ray mobile barriers are shipped fully assembled, only the casters need to be attached. Our protective X-Ray mobile barriers are crated securely and encased in foam for freight carrier shipment. Each X-Ray mobile barrier undergoes a rigorous personal inspection before it leaves our facility.

Seven Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Defects
We take great pride in the quality of the materials used and the quality of our workmanship crafting each Phillips Safety X-Ray mobile barrier. That’s why each unit is backed by a seven year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

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