Post: Leaded Eyewear for Fluoroscopy

Leaded Eyewear for Fluoroscopy

Need to protect your eyes from x-rays?

Leaded Eyewear for Fluoroscopy

Over the past decade or so, it’s become more and more apparent that doctors working in fluoroscopy should be protecting their eyes. That’s where leaded eyewear for fluoroscopy comes in.Leaded eyewear for fluoroscopy attenuates the x-rays coming towards your eyes, ensuring that you are not exposed to dangerous levels of x-ray radiation day after day. Since x-ray radiation effects accumulate in your body over time, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you’re wearing radiation attenuating eyewear every time you perform a fluoroscopy procedure.Here’s what you should know about leaded eyewear for fluoroscopy:

  • Studies have shown a correlation between careers in fluoroscopy and eye problems, including cataracts.
  • While many of the eye problems associated with fluoroscopy are curable, they may leave you temporarily or permanently unable to perform your job. They are also generally painful and burdensome.
  • X-ray attenuating eyewear is the best solution for protecting your eyes over the course of your career.
  • Our leaded eyewear for fluoroscopy comes in many shapes, sizes, and prescription options to ensure that you get a pair that you can be comfortable wearing during your work every day.
  • Even if you’ve been working for years without leaded eyewear, you may still be at risk for cataracts or other eye problems from x-ray exposure. Most conditions develop later in life, so reduce your risks and begin wearing attenuating eyewear today.

If you’re working in fluoroscopy, it’s important to protect your eyes from x-rays.[INSERT CTA HERE]Our line of x-ray safety glasses includes those with side shields and even many pairs that are CE certified for use and sale in the United Kingdom. We are proud to offer a full line of radiation attenuating eyewear that is helping to maintain the health of our doctors’ eyes in the United States.If you’re interested in leaded eyewear for fluoroscopy or learning more about why you need it or how it works, please leave a comment below or give us a call. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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